Chapter 14

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Jazmin's POV:

It was 12:00 at midnight. Jason, my mom, jaden, his girlfriend, and thania were here with me for this wonderful moment. I was only 6 centimeters and the doctor told me that they will have to speed things up if the baby don't move farther down.

"I'm so tired." Thania said.

"Go home then. You can come by tomorrow. She probably won't be here until tomorrow anyway." I suggusted.

"No, I'm staying here with my best friend. No matter how tired I am." Thania yawned. Her eyes were bloodshot red and she looked so horrible.

"Well jazmin, this is my girlfriend Alexis." Jaden told me.

"Not the time jaden." I said.

He nodded. I got a contraction and squeezed jason's hand. I breathed in and out slowly so that the pain will past. After I recovered from the contraction, I let jason's hand go and laid back. I was so tired but I had to stay up just in case the baby came tonight instead of in the morning.

"I'm tired, babe." Jaden's girlfriend told him.

"Well I'm not leaving until in the morning." Jaden told her.

"Well I'm going home to get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night everyone." The girl told him and walked out of the room.

Now it was me, jason, jaden, mom, and thania in the room. I got another contraction and grabbed jason's hand. I squeezed it and took deep breaths while the pain went on. It hurted so bad. I was in labor for a couple of hours now.

After I recovered from the contraction, I let go of jason's hand and groaned.

"Why can't time go faster?!" I asked.

"It just can't, sweetheart." Mom replied with a chuckle.

"You will be alright, my love." Jason whispered in my ear.

I nodded.


It is now 5:00 AM in the morning. I'm 9 centimeters finally! Only one centimeter to go! Thania and jaden fell asleep and so did mom. Jason is the only one up with me but I could tell he was going to do the same thing soon. I can't wait to have my baby girl so I could finally get some rest. I'm so tired.

"Are you ready to have our baby girl?" Jason asked me.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I replied to him.

"We need to pick out a name for her. I like Layla, Shanice, Jade, Haley, Rima, and Camilla." Jason said.

"Avalon jade?" I asked.

"I love it." Jason replied.

I smiled and he smiled back at me. He pecked me on my cheek and then I got the most painful contraction ever. I yelled in pain and grabbed jason's hand. I squeezed it and took a deep breath. Dr. Carter rushed into the room with three nurses behind him.

"Jazmin, you are ready to push!" Dr. Carter announced.

I nodded.

"Who would you like to be in the room with you during the delivery?" Dr. Carter asked.

"My mom and best friend." I replied.

He nodded.

Mom and thania woke up at the same time and rubbed their eyes and stretched. Mom saw the doctor in the room with nurses and looked at me with a confused expression on her face.

"Is everything alright, jaz?" Mom asked with confusion.

"Yea, I'm just ready to push. I chose you and thania to be in the room with me while I'm giving birth." I replied.

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