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"You know, we should probably put this fire out soon before it gets dark," My brother, Ryan, suggests earning a nod from my parents.

I slowly tilt my head to look at the setting sun. It looks so peaceful in this blood bath of a world, but also seems to resemble the ending of something good. The night, resembles the coming of something bad in my opinion.

"Keeks, can you put it out?" Ryan asks me.

As an answer I nod my head and grab a tin bucket from beside the camper. We aren't living in the most safest conditions, but we make due with what we have. I'm quite positive that no where on this Earth is safe, not anymore.

I swiftly sling my bow and arrows across my back before trudging down to a small stream. The air is becoming chilly as the sun disappears on the horizon, causing nervous chills to run up my spine. I absolutely hate the dark.

"Emily!" I hear a scream erupt from behind.

My eyes widen in terror when I see my little sister, Emily, running from a flesh eating monster. We haven't seen one this far up the mountain in weeks. I quickly take off into a sprint towards the camp, but came to a Hailey when something catches my eye.

There's more of them.

Lots more.

"Mommy!" Emily cries as the walker grips onto her coat, tearing it off of her. I react by removing an arrow from my quiver and firing it at the beast, hitting it straight through the head.

Emily then makes it to my mother, who is struggling to hold of the mass amount of monsters that have flooded or camp. None of noticed me, for I'm about a good 12 feet away since I went to get water. I wanted to run up to help them, but knew that it would only make this situation worse.

"Ryan! Behind you!" I scream in terror, watching one of the living dead grab ahold of his arm. Luckily, he's able to push it off and kill it for good.

At my scream, about 15 or so walkers notice me, snapping their bloody jaws in my direction. They begin to stagger towards me in an un orderly fashion, too fast for me to hit them accurately with an arrow.

"Kiko! Run!" My brother shouts through gritted teeth as he holds off a walker. I pause for a moment, reluctant to leave my family. I won't survive if I stay here...

And with that, I take off into a sprint up the mountain and into the dark woods.


Hope you like it (:

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