Chapter: 1

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"Alright, you got this case right?" My boss asked me. I nodded sorting through other stacks of paper. "Yes, yes I'll read about the kid tonight." I reassured him. He nodded walking off.

I fixed my scarf before exiting out of the warm building and out into the cold New York winter night. Light snow daintily fell onto the icy, snowy ground.

Once I finally made it home I sighed and took my cream 4 button trench coat off throwing it on to my couch and taking my black timberlands off.

After a while of relaxing watching my ultimate favorite tv show: Catfish I decided I should start reading about the kid I'm going to be defending in 2 weeks.

Heading upstairs I went into my bag getting the files and boy was it heavy... What has he done? I giggled to myself going into the bathroom. I ran the hot water and began reading as the hot water fell into the bathtub. 

Jason McCann
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Contracting Events: Jason McCann is a senior in high school. Caught drug dealing on the corner of Journals and Purpose. He also was the host of throwing mad parties that always had a shoot out. McCann was also caught having intercourse with a former teacher of whom was fired immediately after. McCann's birthday party was thrown at a strip club and it wasn't known by manager. McCann had travelled for free with former Ex girlfriend because he was good friends with flight attendant by providing drugs.

The paper continued on, all I could think of was how the hell am I supposed to defend this guy, how is he not already in jail? This case is not going to be easy. I noticed the water was just right so I undressed and got in after dropping a purple glittery bath bomb. Drying my hands off I started reading again on my tray that settled over the water. Reading all the crimes this young man has done made me all the more curious as to how this guy looks, perhaps I can google him later.


The door bell went off making me jump slightly. It went off several times making me question why they were in such a hurry. I didn't have time to slip anything on so I slipped my burgundy silk robe on and quickly made my way downstairs and came to the door. No one stood there. I opened the door slowly and saw a red box in the shape of hearts on the ground.


I hummed lightly giggling. I wonder who could this be from... I picked the box of chocolates up and opened it. My jaw drops at the sight. There was no chocolates in the box but there was photos. Photos of me not even 15 minutes ago, it was me undressing, than naked, than me putting my hair up. There was a note

If you don't get me out of this babe your body won't just be seen by my eyes anymore but by many, many more. We wouldn't want that now would we? I know damn sure your husband wouldn't. So get me out of this.

I was so startled I just wanted to turn and lock my door. Just as I was about to take a step back my back hit a body making me jump. "No, calm down babe." His voice whispered in my ear. I was in shock and I was too afraid to say anything. He pulled me in and shut the door.

"Who are you?" I asked folding my arms trying to put a strong face on. "Who do you think babe?" He chuckled biting his bottom lip. My back placed up against the wall as I looked up into his hazel eyes. My heart was pounding I swear my neighbors could hear.

He placed his arm over my head as the other combed through his hair. "So I saw you reading everything, you think you can help me?" "Y-you're Jason McCann?" He kissed my cheek. "That's my name kitten." He whispered in my ear. "Ill see.. Why are you going to court right now? I didn't get to that part." He moved away walking into my kitchen. The lighting was better so it helped me see him better. oh my word... Why is be so bad? I felt my cheeks burn a little and I turned around remembering I was naked, but this guy had already seen my body somehow! Maybe because of my all window side of the bathroom, but it was high up from the ground, so it's still confusing.

"Are you gonna tell me? Either way I'm going to find out." I said folding my arms. "I had to shoot this guy cause he was using my drugs, not paying me back or doing his fucking job. I gave him 3 warnings. 3 strikes and you're out babe." He said casually going through my fridge. I gasped slightly. "What?" He asked looking into my eyes. His eyes, they are so perfect they seem so. Innocent? "Um you can't be here, it's wrong for me to talk to you before certain things you-" "I know." He laughed cutting my sentence short. "I just wanted to warn you.. If you don't get me out, I will kill you. And someone else will get me out for killing 2 people." He said inching more closer to me. His lips brushed against mine and he smirked seeing how weak he made me feel. "Y-you have to go." I stumble making him laugh showing his dimple. He bit his bottom lip letting his eyes inch my body. "Alright babe..." He laughed before opening my door and leaving. Jason McCann is one sexy, smooth ass criminal.

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