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to the side is the main character- Vanessa Hudgens playing Aria.


Skye opened the large oak door, immediately swinging it closed as he stepped through, not even propping it for me. Of course he couldn't even have manners here. Sighing, I set my suitcases down, and clutched the door knob tightly as I yanked it, sending the door swinging outwards. I managed to keep the door from closing, again, with my out stretched foot. Grabbing my luggage, I walked through the door, just like Skye. Immediately I spotted his dark curls as I walked in, he was already bouncing up a long set of marble stairs, not turning back once to help me.

With all my nerves, hopes, and painful memories, I slowly walked down to the stairs, admiring the portraits of the head masters and founders of the school. The walls were a soft, creamy beige, a contrast to the gray walls of my old public school. Trudging up the stairs, I struggled with my bags, trying to find a comfortable way to lug them upwards.

Eventually, I made it to the top of the winding steps, my arms aching from the weight I was carrying. Surprisingly, Skye had stopped near the next door, waiting for me to make it up to him.

"I thought you would already be with your friends." I grunted, blowing a wisp of brown hair from my red face.

He leaned forward and took one of my bags, "Mom made me promise to help you settle, I just didn't think you wouldn't be able to get up some stairs." Skye wasn't the type to be helpful, so I appreciated his small act, nonetheless.

With his form fitting, sky blue--only he would wear clothes to match his name--polo shirt and designer jeans, he was the pure definition of cool. But where did that leave me?

With a reassuring smile, Sky pulled open the towering door, holding it open enough for me to walk in. As soon as we stepped through the door way, he was off, leaving me in the dust.

Nervous, anxious thoughts flew throughout my mind, because I finally managed to get into the most prestigious school in all of California. I had been begging to go here for years, yearning for it to be all Skye said it would be. And after last year, when my grades dropped, I didn't even think they would even consider me, but they did. They liked me enough to give me an almost full scholarship--something nearly unheard of.

It smelled like sweet lemon and mint, as though it was freshly clean. The scent hit my nose immediately, just like the gust of the cool air conditioner. It felt amazing to be out of the Florida heat too. I bet my friends are in class, falling asleep at this very moment. School wasn't very exiting besides the constant drama--but that's in every school.

I dragged my luggage in further, stopping to admire the beautiful furnishing throughout the monstrous building. Expensive paintings lined the walls, as well as awards and certificates in glass cases.

I rested my hand against the wall, resting for a moment. The long walk with my bags had tired me out beyond belief. Even before we entered the building, I was carrying the bags all the way from the first gate, a good half a mile away. Since we came from the airport, the cab would only go until there, that's when we had to start by foot.

I brushed my hand along the wall as I took another step in, but a new texture hit my fingers. I turned to look at the wall and felt a soft fabric-- a silky maroon curtain clung to the wall. It felt soft and warm, like it was just washed and just hung up. Why couldn't the curtains in my house back home feel this soft?

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