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You: there’s soooo many different kinds of flowers here :D !!

Jacob: well , we are at a flower garden :)

You: i know that xD *notices yellow and pink roses* these are pretty :o *smells them*

Jacob: do you like those ??

You: yessss and those purple ones over there and those hydrangea :D

Jacob: ooo so you know your flowers huh ?

You: well *blushes* some of them i know :’)

Jacob: ^__^ i have a surprise for you … 

You: :o really ? where ?!

Gardener: *brings out a big vase full of flowers*

You: *gasps and tears* are those for me :D ?!?!?!?!

Gardener: *smiles and nods*

You: jaaaake :’) 

Jacob: you’re welcome ^__^

You: but i thought we weren’t gonna get each other anything this year ??

Jacob: after everything you’ve been doing these past few weeks, you deserve something :’)

You: awwww *notices his dirty clothes and hands* did you pick these :o ???

Jacob: well ….. yeah…..*blushes*

You: awwwww *jumps and hugs him* i love you :’)

Jacob: i love you too ^__^