Part 35

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"Heeeyy"I said to Eugene.

"Hey Y/N, I'm kinda busy" I could hear people talking in the background.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"We're about to start a try guys shoot" He spoke as if he was stressed.

"Okay nice" I paused "Well, I just thought I should ring and tell you i'm in the hospital"

"What?" I could tell he had his teeth held together as he spoke.

"I fell and they think I broke some bones. I think I'm fine, they don't"

"Who is they?"

"My doctor" I said like a small child who had just gotten into trouble.

"I'm gonna come see you"

"What? No I'm fine. Do the try guys thing"

"I'm going to ask them to wait till tomorrow"

After a heated argument Eugene told me he would be here in 10 minutes and he was. I watched him and the three other guys, who I didn't know were coming walk into the doctors office.

"Hi" I did a shy wave. 

"What? How?" Eugene sat beside me taking in my wrapped up foot and arm.

"They gave me really high heels, not my fault" I shrugged my shoulders.

"What did you hurt?" The other boys sat down too.

"I hit my head and hurt my limbs. I feel fine" 

"Where's your doctor?" Ned asked.

"Getting my X-rays"

"Where's Tui?" Eugene asked.

"Getting food" I smiled "Sorry I stopped your shoot. What were you filming?" 

"We were just gonna film a thing where we tried to do make-up tutorials" Eugene smiled at me.

"Yeah. It was weird cause the normal work alcoholic Eugene, no offence Y/N, but he was like 'I have to go something came up that's more important then work" Zach paused "And we were like 'Damn' so we came too to see what it was, and it was you"

I turned to thank Eugene when Tui came in.

"Okay I got you this" She handed me a Chai (The doctor said no caffeine) and a packet of chips.

"Thanks. These are the" I paused.

"Try guys" Keith finished for me. They all introduced themselves, expect for Eugene who she had already meet.

"Since we made you miss your shoot" Tui started "Why don't we get you to try something?"

"I could show you modeling" I laughed before realizing Tui was serious.

"That sounds awesome" Ned laughed.

"Yeah, can you actual?" Keith asked.

"Ahh, sure I guess" I shrugged my shoulders as the doctor entered the room.

"Y/N" I see you have acquired some visitors" He came in and Ned, Keith, Zach and Tui left the room.

"So what's wrong with me?" 

"You haven't broken you ankle you've just sprained it"

"Told you" I smiled.

"But you have fractured your wrist so we'll have to cast it" He gave me a sympathetic look "The good news is that its very minor not even a proper fracture so you'll only have it on for about two weeks"

"That's still long though" I frowned as he prescribed me some medication that wouldn't mess with the ones I was already taking and sent us one our way (With a bill)

"You got a cast" Tui wrapped an arm around my shoulders. 

"Hoe don't sound so happy about it" I grumbled.

Eugene made me take a car with him and the boys so it was very cramped.

"I don't have to sit in the front, Keith has longer legs" I sighed.

"Nah Y/N you sit there" I was put into the front seat before I could let out another protest.

"Why do you guys always travel in one car?" I asked my eyelids suddenly heavy and I let out a yawn.

"We were in a rush" Eugene smiled.

After Y/N's cast was put on the work day was finished.

"You wanna go out for drinks?" Keith asked.

"I can't" Eugene sighed.

"Being in a relationship has changed you" Zach laughed with the rest of the boys.

"Well someone has to look after her" Eugene nodded toward his sleeping fiance.

"Don't you think she'll be awake by the time we get to yours?" Ned asked.

"We have to stop at mine anyway so we'll see"

Fifteen minutes later they we pulled up outside the house. I was half awake.

"Y/N?" Eugene opened my car door.

"Yeah?" I grinned, he just smirked and put an arm around my shoulder helping me up as he told the guys to stay where they were.

"The boys and I were going to go out, do you need me to stay with you?"

"What? No" I shook my head "I'm a grown ass women Eugene"

"Who just got her self in a cast" He teased.

"Shut up and leave"

"Okay remember to take your meds" He gave me a kiss got back into the car and left.

Hello! I hoped you liked the chapter, I enjoyed writing it but I am sorry if it's bad. I hope you guys have a good Christmas and if you don't celebrate it I hope you have a good holiday!

If you have any questions leave some comments. They can be about anything. Me, the book. Anything.

I love you nerds. xx 

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