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(A/N: Sorry to dissapoint my 26 readers. I'm too bad at writing. I will improve, make longer chapters. Well, Chapter 2 is out. Sorry it sucks. To make it up, here is a Q&A  with Akemi Sohma herself! *applaud applaud* Akemi: It's a pleasure to be here, Ismene. Me: Its a pleasure to have you!

Q: Are you and Hatsuharu dating? A: Sadly, we are not. As you can tell from the chapters, Ismene, the brilliant author, wrote, I wish I was.                                                                                                                          

Q: Are you ever going to like Tohru? A: I never said I didn't. I just think she's way too perky, way too energetic, and way too apologetic..... I just wish she could tone that down a little.

Q: Are you and Kyo ever gonna get together? (Yeah, someone asked me this... owo) A: Uhmmmm, That came out from nowhere. Well, Kyo IS cute, but I doubt we'll get together, cause I'm in love with Haru. Maybe Ismene can write a new Fanfic and that can happen. Me: Sure owo, after this one though.

Ok so that's all the questions i got. Keep them coming. Please follow and message me. Please Vote and comment on the story. Ta ta for now. Talk to you later! ~Ismene Bellerose)

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