chapter seven - silver, blood and lust.

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Savage. I remember only words to put to faces of disgust and fear. Words rang through my animal mind; run. I have been running for the world; living in my animal body, killing and eating when my stomach screamed to me for food. I ate my food raw, before I kept running. Run from the world; I never want to be found. But my wishes were not heard by the Gods, they don\'t listen to things made by man. I was found as both human and wolf on numerous times. I never wanted this life, I missed human companionship. I wish I\'d stayed there to finish school instead of having to change.

When I have to become human I tried my hardest to never talk to anyone, never leave memory of me. No one remembers a muddy girl walking the streets. I wanted to stay an animal, savage, no honour. I never stayed in a city more than a few hours, always a new camp, never a home.

Months passed by and I soon forgot who I am, how I became the wolf. I forgot my name, my parents; all I knew was pain and hunger. I forced myself to starve, to feel the pain longer until it became unbearable and I had to feed. It was a cold winter when I was found unconscious in the snow. I was human, I must have Changed for some reason of importance but I couldn't remember. My eyes opened to darkness, I strained my wolf ears... Nothing. I put out my hands blindly. Stones dug deep into the soft skin, pain splashed up my arm. I bit my lip and carried on, more stones dug into my naked legs. I moved slowly forward; hand in front of hand, hopefully towards a wall or door. It wasn't long till I got my wish, finally the Gods listen and play a cruel joke on me.

I reached my hand out to the obstacle I had struck; cold and hard I hoped it was nothing more than a brick wall. I was wrong, I pressed my hand against the cold metal bar and my heart felt weighted down by lead. I was caged, my only true nightmare had came true. A caged animal. Forever unable to run, to feel the wind run through my fur and the sweet pain of my paws thudding on soft forest ground. I lifted myself to my feet and began pacing around the cage, it was three times my height, and the same length. A square cage to keep a beast, a 120 pound wolf. I couldn't break the bars even if I really wanted to. It seemed as though hours passed but really it was just minutes, minutes would become forever in this hell all too soon. I paced my cage, all my senses developing as close to wolf as they could without my changing my form. Still I could hear nothing. No footsteps, breathing, muffled voices; not a single sign of life. I didn't know how much time passed before I finally gave up hope and settled in the corner that I hoped was most far away from the entrance to my hell.

I crawled over to the corner I thought was most far from any entrance into the room my cage, slowly sleep overcame my primal instincts to find my capture and kill him. I waited for life as I laid waiting for sleep and hunger, any need to overcome and place onto me something to break my boredom of waiting to know if I was to live or die, and how. My consciousness slipped in and out of the world around me, I would wake in both wolf and human form. I counted days that passed not by my sleeping patten but by how I Changed. Days passed into weeks but I was visited before, people came in as often as a few hours checking up on me. I think they were guards but one stayed longer than all the rest, that I knew wasn't a guard it was the person who had been tracking me, following and planning to catch me. I was kept here for his pleasure alone but I don\'t know why. Who was the mystery man who had yet to show me his face, the face I\'d made in my head was one of horror and fear. The man crawled through my nightmares as he had always done if he was the killer, my nightmare man.

I needed food, water I was dieing slowly of starvation pains. The skinny young girl covered in darkness, sunlight rarely streaming in from the slit windows. Rags covered her pitiful body, hardly covering all the important areas from hungry eyes. They watched me, just stood there in the darkness and watched, I wondered who they were, what their names where, how they looked; so I could know who I\'d killed when I escape. If I ever escape.

One day I knew I\'d make it out, whether I escape alone or am able to convince a guard to help me I will leave this place teaming with dead bodies. More days passed, more weeks before finally they feed me.

"Food for the monster!" I heard rattling, a large splat as meat of some sort animal was tossed into the cage with me. Laughter echoed through the small room making it sound as though as I was surrounded by men, the guards whooped and shouted as I tore into the animal. Ripping apart the meat and eating it raw and whole. Hardly chewing the large chunks of meat I threw back into my mouth. My stomach growled at me to stop, the sudden food falling into its empty hell was threatening to be thrown back up. My hands began to claw themselves but would not stop as I began to convulse and spaz on the cold hard floor.

"Danyeal! What the fucks happening to her!?" His voice was deep and musical, like from a distant memory. It brought up a face in my mind; emerald eyes, flawless skin, tanned yet hinted purple. Not a single sign of age even since I last saw him. It was my nightmare man, the real one not just the man walking around my cage at night. The one I remember before I lost my family, the one who took my humanity, my life. I found more wood to kindle my burning hatred with. I would escape and I would kill him in the process.

I heard footsteps closer to my cage than normal, this Danyeal was coming in. If only I wasn't so weak I could kill him and escape.

"I need light," his voice was deep, musky much like mine was when I first Changed. I tried to eat the meat again, force myself to put more inside my belly so I could regain my strength. More spasms against the floor, this time I lost control of my limbs and collapsed much like a baby I couldn'tmove my arms nor legs, this had to be their doing. Why else would I be like this, more growls from my stomach told me I wouldn't be keeping my food down tonight. I tried to keep my mouth closed so it wouldn't happen but my body rejected it instantly forcing my mouth to open and pour my entire stomachs worth of food onto the floor. Suddenly, light flooded my world. I saw nothing but blinding light, my body continued its hateful convulsions as shivers racked down my spine.

"I need to take her to the medical room, if she's left in here she'll be likely to die." Finally my world faded black.

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