His darkest secret

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"Barry isn't here yet?"asked Emma.
I shook my head.
"You miss him!"taunted Lily.
"No, I don't!!"I said and tried to hide my concern.

Barry didn't come to the restaurant today. I haven't seen him whole day. He wasn't at home in the morning when I took his black coffee. He didn't follow me to the restaurant. I am so tensed about him.

When I told him about Mark, he was angry. Very angry. He dropped me home last night and after that I haven't heard from him. I tried to call him but he is not taking any calls, as I tried to call from phone booth, Emma's cell and also Lily's cell.

Where is he? I want to meet him. I just want to know that he is ok.
I have been waiting for him for whole day. This is really killing me, not knowing whether he is fine or not.
I kept looking at the door, waiting for him to come in.

Just then a guy came in. He was wearing a black suit. He was looking for someone when I realised who he was...Mark! What is he doing here? I turned around not wanting to see his face.

"Hey! Jane, that guy is looking for you."Emma said coming to me.

I nodded and went to him. I don't want Emma and Lily to know about him.

"What are you doing here?"I asked irritated.
"I am here to apologise to you for what I did. I admit it that it was my fault for all that you have went through. Please, forgive me!!"he said tensed.

He is here to apologise to me? Why all of a sudden?

"I don't want your apologies and I can't forgive you, ever!!"I snapped at him.
"Please, Jane... My whole life and future is at stake. Please forgive me..."he pleaded.

What does that mean? His life and future is at stake?

"What do you mean?"I asked confused.
"That biggest businessman cancelled his deal with my company and warned me that if I don't apologise to you then he will make my life worse. He will force me to become a waiter again. Please, Jane. Forgive me..."he pleaded.

I know who it is! It must be him! Barry must have done this! I have to find him. I have to meet him.

I turned when Mark stopped me,"Jane, first answer me, please."
"I forgive you."I said and ran to Emma.

"Emma, I am going out for some work."I told her and ran out of the restaurant.
She said something but I didn't stop to hear her.

I have to meet Barry! I have to find him! Where should I go? I don't know where to go so, I came to the bridge, where I first met him. I think I will find him here. My heart says so.

When I came to the bridge, I saw Barry standing there. He turned to look at me. I ran to his arms and hugged him tightly.

"Barry, I love you! You have done so much for me! I can't live without you! I love you, Barry!"I whispered in his ears.

He pulled himself back from my hug. I looked at him surprised. I thought he loves me too. I know that he loves me, I saw that in his eyes.

"We can't be together. I am sorry, Jane."he said looking hurt.
"Barry, please don't do this. This time I won't be able to live through this heart break. Please, Barry. Don't do this to me."I said with tears rolling down my eyes.

He looked me in my eyes.He looks so hurt.
"Jane, I am going to tell you something. But, promise me that you won't run away from me."he said seriously, looking into my eyes.
I nodded.

He is making me nervous. What is it that he wants to tell me?

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Barry is going to tell Jane his darkest secret. How will Jane react to this? What is going to happen after she finds out?

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