2. Another Day, Another Gang

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It hadn't been a dream. It really hadn't.

Adam sat in the plush red velvet chair, trying to understand how he'd gotten there.

He had been on his way to Verun's house for the scheduled fortnightly dinner when he blanked out. The next thing he knew, he woke up in an office that looked to come right of those magazines on model houses. The plush thick enough that his slight frame sank further into the thing, his hands reached up and clamped around the arms of the chair. It halted his descent into the fluffy overload but left him grounded and stuck in a foreign place and lost. His breathing kicked up a notch and he was shivering like mad.

"Hah, Harro *Hello*?" He struggled to say when his tongue felt like goop in his mouth and his throat dry as the Sahara.

Something buzzed overhead and Adam felt his canine ears twitch up, trailing his eyes everywhere in search of the sound. Spices were beginning to thicken the air, make the place smell sweet and soothing. It shouldn't be this way.

A soft hiss went off by the thick red wood door and the terrified male scrambled up from the chair. His knees hit the floor, crawling towards the wide bay windows and stained glass to find temporary cover. His throat tightened with a whimper as his limbs trembled. The desk had to be the safest place but his cowering figure and chattering teeth wouldn't allow him to remain hidden for long.

The hissing turned into something louder and crackling before it cut off with a sniff.

"अरे *are* भगवान *bhagavaan*, that method of travel isn't comfortable," A deep rumble sounded and Adam flinched further into the carpet, clawing at the fabric to get further into the shadowed underside. "Hell-oh. Where did he go?"

Adam grimaced and shivered when the soft footfalls slid along the carpet.

"Hey, little wolf," The same voice crooned gently and it nearly enticed the out of sorts Adam from his hiding spot. "Relax, I'm not here to hurt you. The opposite really. I am Vitesh."


"Suno, listen, we found you being attacked by Dark Elements. Shadows. It wasn't safe for your injuries to be left out in the open so I had you brought here. This is my office," The man kept going, moving as he spoke. "I picked out everything here, you must understand. The couch is the softest cloud you could sit on, the chairs are custom made leather. Everything is state of the art technology. This desk..."

His hand touched down on the top of the desk Adam hid under before a head of black hair ducked down and a pair of almond eyes met the panicked ones of Adam. The irises were a startling garnet brown, red flecks making the colour pop out in a mocha brown face. His lips quirked up at the corners, cheekbones high and nose slightly curved at the end.

Overall, he kicked Walt and Verun out of the race for most gorgeous specimen to grace this side of the earth. Even the half of his face that had scarred and puckered pink didn't make the stranger any less perfect. It wasn't to the extent of what Adam had done to Verun under the influence of Dark Magic but it drew the eye there. It looked to be caused by flames rather than claws laced with Dark magic.

"There you are," The stranger murmured, voice softening as he took to kneeling down in the way of the escape route. His faint accent and obvious effort to seem smaller settled that small, submissive part of Adam's mind. "I promise, this place is safe for you to come out. As cute as you are under there, I'd much rather you weren't terrified of me."

"W-who ahhh you *Who are you*?" Adam forced out without moving an inch closer to the man.

"Vitesh. A friend," He introduced with a chuckle at the way the two dark ears perked up. "Listen, I just want to talk and then I can get you back to wherever you need to be. Can you move?"

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