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Pen Your Pride

Prince's pov

I'm so glad dat y/n forgave and after that whole fight thing we went upstairs and I really think we bout to get it in. Wen get inside her room (her room is lavender and she has a flat screen tv dat takes up half of da wall and her bed is a queen sized bed that was covered in royal purple and she had a walk in closet) I start kissing her and sucking on her neck giving her hickeys and she was moaning I start to take off my shirt and unzip my pants but she pulled away

Me- did I do something wrong

Y/n- no prince it's just that I'm a virgin

Me- oohh I get it u want it to be special wen it was my first time I wanted it to be special too

Y/n- I don't want to hear about u losing ur virginity to some random okae

Me- iight but I love u 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

Y/n- I love u too baby but ima go to sleep so I can go to skool tommrrow

Me- iight see u at skool

I kissed her and went downstairs and smoked wiff the boy then ray starts saying random shit

Ray- prince if u get my sister pregnant ima fuck yo ass up iight she too pretty and too good for u to fuck her up

Me- at da right time ima going get ha pretty iight so don't worry

Ray- ohh iight

Roc- well if u ask me she should be wiff me cuz y'all kno I puts it down

Ray- nah nigga she don't want yo no bars having fake ass Cuba gooding jr ass plus if she got with u I would fuck u up guck her up and then kill myself

Y/n pov

The next morning

I got up at 7:30 and did my daily hygiene and threw on a fitted purple pretty hustle (shout out to Tiny and her pretty hustle clothing line) nf some black ripped up jeans and my retro jordan 4 and grabbed my phone and book bag and hopped in my Lexus. Wen I got to skool prince and da boys was already there do I joined them and me and prince kissed and then some girl gon come up to him and be like u wiff this bitch

A/n- hey was it good and vote, comment and who was that girl stay mindless y'all

Thug life : a mindless behavior imagineRead this story for FREE!