I woke up at 7:39. I looked at Barry. He was holding my arm. He's so cute. Wait no ew. "Allen!" I yelled. He woke up and screamed. He looked at me. "Why would you do that?" he asked. "I don't know wanted to scare you guess" I said. "Well I'm going to Jitters" I said. I got up and went to the bathroom and changed. I heard the door open and close. When I went to Jitters I heard a familiar voice. "Three black coffees" it was Felicity. "Hey stranger" I said. She turned around.  "Skye" we hugged. "What are you doing here in central city?" I asked. "We have a case" Felicity said. "We?" I asked. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to a table I saw Diggie and Oliver. "Hey guys" I said. "Skye how's my good student" Oliver asked. "Good, hey Diggie" I said. "Hey" Diggie said. "So what case are you guys working on?" I asked. "Meta-human" Felicity said. "You guys should get me and Barry's help... wait you guys know about his condition?" I asked. "What that he's the flash yeah we know" Oliver said. "Oh does he know you the arrow?" I asked. "He knows that too" Diggie said. "Okay" I said. "Wait how can you help us" I heard a voice ask behind me. I turned around and saw someone I didn't know. "This is Thea" Felicity said. "Oh... do you read the newspapers" I asked. "Only the ones in Star city" Thea said. I pulled the newspaper out of my bag. Handed it to Felicity. She read out loud. "The Flash and his partner The Dash.... cool" she said. "Wait so you and Barry work together? So what do you do?" Thea asked. "I work with Barry and me and him have the same powers" I said. "Oh makes since" Thea said. "Well got to get to S.T.A.R labs" I said. "Wait Oliver we need their help" Felicity said. "Fine" he said. "Cool any one want a ride?" I asked. "I want one" Thea said. I ran her to S.T.A.R labs then went back for the rest. Barry came in. "Oliver hey!" Barry said. Cisco and Caitlin came in behind him. "Dude wassup" Cisco said. "Wait Skye you know about Oliver?" Barry asked. "Yeah I trained with him" I said. "Wait you trained with the Green Arrow" Cisco said. "Yeah" I said. "Awesome" he said. "Has she told you guys she stopped time yesterday?" Caitlin asked. "I was going to get to that" I said. "What?!" Felicity said. "That's awesome" Diggie said. "You stopped time... you never cease to amaze me" Thea said. "I'm faster than Barry" I said. "No your not" he said. "Oh yeah a few days ago I got past 1590 miles per hour" I said. I punched his arm and me punched mine. "Arr... just kiss already" I heard someone say. It was Iris. "What? This aint gonna happen" I said pointed to him then me. "Yeah where did you get that idea?" Barry asked. "Whatever it's gonna happen every one knows it even Oliver" Iris said. "It is going to happen" Oliver said. There was a beep in the computer.  "Um... robbery in process" Cisco said. "Go get them guys" Felicity said.

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