Ch 2

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When lunch came around I was beyond bored. This school was turning out to be no different than the rest of the schools I had been to and I despised it. it had the squeaky white floor tiles and the smell of purell and paper. 

As I walked in the cafeteria I surveyed the room and noticed that each table had there own little clubs, and pretty much every single round table was full. Except one in the middle. It was entirely empty.

Taking my lunch tray I stood in line watching the lunch ladies with thick hair nets slob the food on my tray. It all was the mysterious lunch meat. I snorted under my breath. How stereotypical. One looking like  grimy mashed something, and another resembled whale blubber.

I approached the lunch table at the middle and set my tray and stuff down, putting my converse shoes on the table as well as I pulled out my new Sangfroiz Universe Z9 phone. Time to see what this town had when it came to.. my profession.

After searching the net and any websites about this place I had found what I was looking for.

Rico Popescu

That guy that knows a guy.


I grinned looking at my phone. This was exactly what I was looking for. He wou-

"Excuse me."

I glared up, to see a tan athletic guy with chiseled face and jawline, blond spiky hair and a mole on his chin standing with an.. amused smirk that made my blood boil.

I snapped back at him with a warning tone.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I'm sorry Princess, but that's my table you're sitting in. I'm gonna have to ask you to get off ." He responded cheekily.

Princess. Who the hell does he think he's calling princess?!

"Does it have your name on it?!" I hissed back feeling myself tense up slightly at the remark.

"Excuse me, but this table has been the football player's table for the entire year. Get your ass off. " he spat back. His seaweed colored eyes narrowed and I knew something was about to happen.

I stood up clenching my fists.

"And who do you think you're talking to?!" I growled back staring at him.

He snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, sorry, what are you going to do? Beat me up?!"


My handcuffs broke apart and I grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him down I had him pinned on the table his arm twisted on his back in a matter of moments.

I bent next to his ear to make sure he would hear me.

"Listen up, Asshole. No one talks to me like that. "

I felt him struggle trying to get out but I elbowed his shoulder bone which emitted a yelp of pain from him. Bryan came running and pulled me off him but I yanked out of his grasp and by this time Mr. Jock was standing, and I punched him square in the eye. He let out an 'oofph' and stumbled backwards. That's when Brian pulled me back again, tugging me away. BY this time the entire cafeteria was eerily quiet. I stared at the guy with a smug look on my face as some sort of staff member had appeared, and handed me a yellow slip and sent me to the principals office. Bryan then pulled me out of the cafeteria.

As I left I felt pride in myself. Since that was in the Cafeteria that would make sure no one would mess with me.

"Ms. Chase." I rolled my eyes at Bryans lame attempt to speak to me. He was my third patrol officer and was still attempting to get me to behave. But he was also the longest surviving parole officer I had.

"Ms. Chase. You know how much money your parents paid to get you into this school!" He continued gruffly trying to get me to see his thinking.

"Bryan, buddy. I thought we already went through this Pal. I don't take orders from anyone."  I responded lightly with a chuckle.

He ignored me for the rest of the walk to the principals office. Fine by me. I didn't need anyone.


The moment I walked into the main office a voice fluttered through the air sarcastically.

"Well lookie here, at what the cat drag in?"  I scoffed when I noticed the voice belonged to the gangster hipster chick from earlier, who was casually leaning against the wall in the corner, filing her nails. What was her deal? I kept getting totally mixed vibes from her and it was irritating me but I couldn't understand why. 

The second she said that I felt Bryan tighten his grip on my arm giving me a silent warning.  She smirked, not even bothering to look up, knowing I couldn't do any damage. god, Prissy school bitches I really despised them.

"Yeah." I blandly spoke in a monotone voice.

Bryan with his stormy eyes glared at me, taking out his phone.

"Going to call your parents now. Don't get into any more trouble." I could practically hear the unspoken words to his orders, Don't do anything stupid.

The second he walked out, Preppybitch spoke again.

"Name's Lindsey, nice to meet you too, slutbag."

That did it. I strode up to her yanking the nail filer from her grasp. She emitted a yelp of surprise as I leaned in invading her personal space. She smelt of the classic vanilla cupcake perfume which only angered me more.

"Listen closely, bitch. I don't give a fuck about you, or your popularity or crap. Just stay out of my way or you will regret it. " With those words spoken I snapped her nail filer in half and handed it back to her just as the door to the office opened.

"Lindsey?" I smirked as I saw Lindsey quickly gather her bookbag and leave into the office, giving me a pissed off glare, behind her as I smiled politely back, already knowing I had my point clarified.


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