A teen wolf story

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This is me roleplaying as Allison Argent. In an alternate universe where Scott (her boyfriend) (who is still a werewolf) dies instead of Allison. And after stiles commits suicide. Her dads dead too. All because of Peter. But one day when a girl comes into town she finds out its Derek's daughter. (Derek was the werewolf who helped Scott. His uncle is Peter who's in his 40s.)
(Scene one Allison is going to show Connor about her father through photos)

"Sorry it's messy. " she replied when they walked it. Some wrappers were thrown everywhere. She sighed. She went and brought a box of tissues just in case. And opened her closet. It even still smelled like him. His scent had never left her ever since he died. She sighed and pulled out a huge box coughing at the dust. "Here..." She pushed it towards Connor. "I don't really wanna." A lump grew in her throat and she felt the tears threaten to spill. Gosh. She hated feeling like this. So defenseless and useless. She remembered back to a time where Kate was still alive. And so was everyone. She remember the night they were trapped in the school. She remembered that feeling after he left. And she never forgot it. She felt powerless. Weak. She hated it. She sighed still lost in thought.
Part two
She growled again her eyes glowing. Her anger rising up like bike in the throat. Sadness couldn't steal the show this time.
She looked at Connor. "You wanna know where Peter is?" She took out her phone and tried to call Derek's number but her hands were shaking. Frustrated and fed up she threw her phone across the room harder and faster than a baseball pitcher. There was a huge sound and she knew she probably just destroyed her phone but she didn't care. Peter. Oh that son of a BITCH. Allison felt rage beyond compare. He killed Scott. He killed her father. And he took Derek away from all of them.

"You wanna know what Peter did?" She growled feeling her claws extend. "Let me show you. I'm sorry you have to see this." and she turned behind Connor and stabbed her claws in the back of her neck. Just like Peter taught her. She had to do it about 3 times until she got it right but she's done it more than 100 and she was perfect at it.
It all started because of Peter. He wanted Scotts power. His alpha. And he wanted the rest of his family to die in hell. One day in fall Peter got his help he needed. He had trapped all the kids in the school.
Plan didn't work.
Slit of the throat and skates dead, blood splattered against the wall.
Trying to use the benefactor.
Flash. That plan didn't work.
Jennifer as the darach
No luck.

Flash back to a scene. Allison was at the gas station, again. And suddenly she was on the ground limp. everything faded to black.
When Allison woke up she groaned everything feeling fuzzy. She looked up not remembering how she got there. Oh yeah. Gas station. She swore if this was one of those stupid father daughter bonding things she would be so pissed at her dad. "Hi darling." Her head snapped up at the sound of that voice. Kate. What the heck-
"I'm a werelepard or something." She explained. "Anyway. Your here because Peter and I came up with a brilliant plan. We were supposed to wait (hold on too muc

(Same scene continued)

"But Peter and I didn't have patience. We had a plan about turning Derek into something different, but that backfired.
And then the nogitune didn't work because you found the weakness" Kate continued in the memory. (Allison never got stabbed in that part) "So instead we had a different plan. Scott loves you. He would do anything for you right? So why not hold you captive." Allison growled tears coming to her eyes.
(Same scene continued)
Kate leaned in and gave a fake frown. "I know sweetie. You HATE being helpless but let's face it, that's all you've had the ability to do." Suddenly Peter came out. "There here Kate. " they nodded to each other and went upstairs. (Their under the hale house)
Allison screamed but it was muffled through the blind fold.
Then she heard it.
The fighting. She heard every bit of it and it sounded bad. They fought with everything they had but somehow they were no match for Kate and Peter. Two gruesome hours later. Scott was tied up across from her. He gave her a worried look and Allison tried not to cry. This was so hard. Peter came out. "Okay alpha. Since your all useless right now. How about I give you some pain before you die." He walked over to Allison and she started thrashing against the ropes but it was no use. "Allison. Your going to be okay sweetie. But don't tell Scott I said that." He whispered in her ear. More tears were shed and she looked at Scott helpless. when suddenly. "Don't you dare touch my daughter." Her voice perked up at the sound of that and she smiled. Her dad. But- wait she realized this is what Peter wanted. To have everyone that could possible fight back in one spot. She screamed trying to make her father understand but it was no use. He didn't even know Kate was alive and Kate knew everything about her brother.

(Same rp continued)
She sighed. Everyone was taken out. Her father across her next to Scott. Peter smiled at her and went over to Scott. "Let the fun begin."
Two hours later Scott was badly injured. Peter had made it a gruesome torture. Allison herself wanted to puke but she couldn't. "And now for the finale." Throughout this entire thing Scott couldn't talk because he was gagged. When suddenly Peter noticed something and pulled something out of his pocket. A small black box.
He opened it and grinned. "Oh look, looks like Scott was going to propose to you. Oh well. Guess your never gonna get the chance or know what his plans were. " he sneered and Kate walked up to Allison. "Ok sweetie. You ready. You have to watch." Allison rolled her eyes at her aunt. She didn't want to see. But she knew she had no choice. Suddenly Peter drove his hand in Scotts chest. And pulled out his heart.
His beating heart.
Allison choked and lost it the tears flowing freely now. She saw the alpha eyes dim and saw the light in Scotts eyes fade away. Her was soon to be fiancé was dead. Peter on the other hand growled smiling triumphantly as his eyes turned a dark red. Slowly Scotts heart stopped beating. It was then when Kate took off her gag and she puked next to her emptying out all the contents of her stomach.

after she was re gagged and looked up to see her father also grossed out. They met eyes when suddenly Peter smacked her across the cheek. What the fuck?!
Peter grinned at Chris. "Ready for this Chris. I'm going to inflict pain on you next. Want to know how?" Her father roared and struggled against the ropes. But it wasn't any use. At all. She knew that if he weren't gagged he'd probably utter something along the lines of "don't you dare touch my daughter you son of a bitch."
Peter and Kate laughed and Peter traced his finger across Allison's smooth porcelain skin.
" I'm going to give her the bite." He whispered. Allisons eyes widened in fear. No no no no no. No. But she couldn't do anything. Suddenly her head was pushed to the side and she felt teeth sink into her neck. She screamed. The pain was excruciating. And it all faded to black.

When she woke up she woke up drowsy. Like she was high or something. She groaned and as she adjusted to her surroundings she remembered. The bite. Great. She was a supernatural now. She still felt drowsy like she was sorta in a dream.

"You awake sweetie. Ready for your torture?" He asked smiling.

"I've got to admit. Hasn't she had enough for one day?" She heard a voice come from the side. Her mom?- no. Kate. She sighed.
(End of memory)
Allison couldn't go any further. To much pain.

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