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I never exactly pictured myself in this certain predicament before, although I guess it was for the better. This was the only way I could think of to make sure I didn’t fail my Physics exam that was nearing. Why I chose to take Physics is beyond me, I thought it would look good on an application of sorts but I never imagined it to be this hard. 

Harry wasn’t a nerd, but he didn’t have many friends, I guess his social skills just were not up to speed with the rest of high school’s population. I kind of felt sorry for him. He was the kid that always had a book open while sitting in the back of the classroom, the kid that magically disappeared during lunch hour, and the kid that was never given the time of day. 

I thought that asking Harry to tutor me would be beneficial on both my part and his, after all he was top student in our class and I on the other hand am pretty easy on the eyes if I say so myself. 

Tapping my pencil on my textbook page, my mind began to drift elsewhere whilst Harry rambled on about some theorem I knew I would never use after I graduated high school. “So does all that make sense?” He asked, peering at me through his glasses. 

I always wondered why he wore those dumb glasses, I’m sure he had beautiful eyes underneath but it was hard to tell, he usually wouldn’t look at me any longer than five seconds. 

“Yeah, I get it.” I lied, showing off my brilliant smile. 

This was getting way too boring, I know I needed to pass Physics but I couldn’t bare this dreadful tutoring session any longer. “Can we take a break?” I asked, pouting my lip and playing with the ends of my hair. Harry looked up from his textbook and swiveled in his desk chair to face me. I closed my book and propped myself up on the head board of Harry’s bed, facing him now as well. 

“Uh, yeah sure.” He muttered, eyes looking everywhere but mine. “Come sit with me, Harry.” I giggled. 

Harry was so innocent that it was almost amusing, and I’m almost positive I’m the first girl to be in his room besides his mom. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be seventeen years old and not have any clue what the opposite sex was even like, but I assume Harry didn’t even mind that his mind was well beyond naive for his age. 

“Alright.” He choked, his voice cracking slightly as he stood from his desk chair and sauntered over to the very end of his bed. I let out a loud eruption of laughter at him, poor thing couldn’t even work up the courage to sit close enough to me for us to have a decent conversation. 

His large hands instantly began searching his face as if he was trying to wipe something away, “W-what?” He stuttered, confused by my sudden outburst. 

“Are you always like this?” I asked once I had gotten over my episode. I was curious to why Harry acted the way he did, maybe something that happened in the past? “Like what?” He quipped, his voice becoming a little more stable now. 

“I mean, are you just shy or do you really think girls have the ‘cooties’ ” I said, air quoting the last word with my fingers. He shuffled on the end of the bed, looking down and sighing. 

“I- I guess.. I just, I’m not very good.. with girls.” He stuttered, twiddling his thumbs in his lap. I smiled, it was obvious Harry never had the confidence to approach a girl before, but maybe that’s all he needed.. confidence. And maybe I could give it to him?


Think about what you are doing Lowri! But I did think about it, and the more I thought, the more I wanted to follow through. I mean let’s be honest here, Harry really wasn’t bad looking at all, his voice was low and gravely at times, and he was certainly well fit for a guy like himself. Also even if I did ‘tutor’ him myself , it’s not like the whole school would find out, I sure as hell wouldn’t say anything and no one in their right minds would believe Harry. ‘m not saying I wanted to try anything with Harry, I just think it would be like being a good citizen, community service if you will. 

“So you’re just shy around girls, basically?” I asked, pressing my hands either side of me one the bed and moving closer. Harry immediately stiffened, and I sighed, running my fingers through my auburn colored hair. I hope he’s not going to be stubborn.. I’m trying to help him for Christ’s sake.

“N-no.” He said, still oblivious to my intentions. “So you’ve never touched a girl?” I spoke, my voice low as I rested a hand on his knee which was now shaking. He rolled his eyes at my question, “No, I haven’t.” he sighed, staring intently at my small hand that rested on his knee.

“Has a girl ever touched you?” I whispered, my hand rising on his legs which were clad in those god awful khaki school uniform pants. 

Harry’s breathing quickened and I was positive he was catching on to what I was implying. “I’d like to.” He whispered back, barely audible for me to hear. 

Time for step one, I thought, “Do you want to kiss me Harry?” I asked, moving my hand so it was placed just over the crotch of his pants. His eyes darted to mine, unsure if I was joking or not. 
“Really?” His voice cracked, going up several octaves on the last note. “I- I mean, yeah.” He said, clearing his throat. 

I grinned, sincere this time. I leaned my head in closer to Harry’s face, his breathing was erotic and I could feel him growing beneath my palm. Shit, we hand’t even started yet! 

His lips brushed mine and he sighed, the sweet taste of cinnamon and mint laced in his warm breath. I reached my hand up to the back of his neck and pulled him forward, pressing his full lips to mine. 

Harry’s lips felt fantastic on mine, he pulled his jaw forward adding movement to the gentle kiss, and much to my surprise I felt his tongue slip out and graze my bottom lip. He was a natural no doubt, but surly he had seen enough porn in his life to have some idea as to what to do. 

Permitting him to explore my mouth further, the kiss turned hungry and I was finding it hard to contain myself.His lips were infectious and I knew it would be hard to forget about them after today. 

Regrettably I pulled away, leaving both of us breathless, “Wow.” He whispered, looking down to my hand that was still pressed firmly to his crotch. I smirked, knowing exactly what he felt in that kiss. 

I decided it was time for phase two, which again benefited the both of us. Taking my hand from his crotch I whipped my leg around him and straddled him to the bed. He took it upon himself to lie back and watch his my fingertips gripped the hem of my blouse. I began rolling it up my body and dragging my fingertips along the way, teasing my skin. Harry tensed beneath me and took hold of my hips, due to the shaking of his hands I could ell he was nervous as hell. 

Hauling the blue fabric from my body, I tossed it aside and let it crumple on Harry’s floor. He watched my chest rise and fall repeatedly and drew small circles with his thumbs over my tan exposed skin. 

Scoffing at his lack of response (probably because he was scared shit-less) I reached round my back and took hold of the clasp to my bra, slipping from the confines and tossing it aside as well. 

Harry’s eyes grew wide at the sight of my fully exposed breasts, probably the first he’d seen. I cupped his cheek in my hand and leaned down to plant a short chaste kiss to his already swollen lips. 

I sat back up, grinding my backside against him and making him groan. I smirked and grabbed his wrists and placed his hands over my breasts, squeezing his large hands and showing him how to touch me. I pulled my hands away and let him carry on, nodding to him.

His long slender masculine hands explored my breasts like it would be the last time. He kneaded and pulled and twisted my nipples with his thumb and forefinger, erecting them to their peak. I must admit he was doing rather well, I had to suppress a few whimpers that threatened to spill from my parted lips.

“You’re really pretty.” He said, breathless. Harry was in his own world, marveling at my body like it was the latest video game that was worth a fortune. I don’t recall any other guy looking at me with such admiration like Harry was now, my cheeks flushed and mumbled a ‘thanks’ before leaning down to kiss is sweet lips once more. 

Reaching between us, I tugged at his shirt indicating that I wanted it off. Harry was the one to break the kiss this time and he sat up and pulled his shirt from his torso. 


I was right about him being fit, other than just some baby fat here and there, Harry had an over all nice body. Prominent v lines capturing my attention and making me practically drool. Something about Harry being so innocent and having no idea what he was doing was turning me on extremely. 

Knowing that I was the first girl he’d ever touched was beyond satisfying but flattering. This whole situation could have been non existent if Harry denied my affection, but he hadn’t and that mad me quite happy. 

“(Y/N), I don’t have.. anything.” He mumbled against my lips and I smiled, pulling his bottom lip between my teeth. “It’s fine.” I said, giggling. His brow furrowed for a moment before realizing I didn’t need protection, being that I was on the pill. 

“Can I touch you?” He asked, somewhat confidant than before. His eyes flickered to my jean shorts and back up to my face, and I giggled. 

Grasping his shoulders I rolled us over so that he was now on top of me, his curls dangling off his forehead. I popped my button open and slid the zipper down, raising my hips so I could push them down my legs. 

Harry shifted so he was sat beside me, watching as I rid myself of my last piece of clothing besides the thin lace that was concealing my most private area. His breath caught in his throat when I reached my hand down to touch myself, desperate for some friction. Hesitantly he inched his hand closer to mine before removing it from me, whimpering as he replaced it with his own. 

He was captivated, memorized by the girl that lied nearly bare before him. Me. His breathing was untamed and I knew this was driving him crazy. He slowly lifted the lace of my thong so he could take a peak beneath it, “C-Can I..” he spoke, still not breaking eye contact with what was beneath my fabric.

I was taken back when he didn’t even wait for my response, sliding the piece down my legs and exposing me fully. Harry sucked in a sharp breath through his clenched teeth when he saw just how aroused I really was by all this. 

He slid is index down my slit, spreading my arousal. I gasped, his warm fingers on my needy flesh was sensational and he had just barley touched me.. “You’re beautiful.” He said,continuing to touch me with his single finger. 

It was the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever seen, like a little boy playing with a brand new toy. But I think I nearly screamed when his long slender digit pushed into me excruciatingly slow, my back arched from the bed and I struggled to find my breath. His finger reached places I knew I could never reach with my small skinny fingers. 

He stilled his finger and gauged my reaction, watching me pant and writhe all sprawled out on his bed. His lips were parted and his brow was knitted together as if he were deep in concentration. Our eyes met and I felt my cheeks flush, and we kept eye contact as he slowly pushed his finger in and out of me. 

“Does this feel okay?” he asked sincerely. I nodded, breathless and not trusting my voice. He focused his attention back to his intrusion and curled his finger with such force I cried out and I could feel my toes curling. Harry’s attention snapped to me and watched closely while curling his finger over and over and over and.. 

“Stop! Shit, Harry!” I pleaded, there was no doubt in my mind that I could come like this but I didn’t want to. Slowly, he dragged his finger back out of me and hovered over me, kissing me roughly. His tongue diving into my mouth.

“You’re not bad for a rookie.” I giggled, and flicked his nose with my index.

He chuckled and started rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. “Urm, thanks.” He said.

“Take those off.” I gushed, nodding my head towards his pants. His face hardened and he stood up from the bed and quickly fiddled with his belt. 

Our eyes locked as his trousers hit the floor shortly followed by his briefs. 

My jaw literally dropped when his erection sprung free, resting flat against his torso. “You’ve been hiding that all this time?” I asked, completely dumb-struck by his fully exposed manhood the was before me. If girls new that Harry was packing that.. Holy shit. 

“I um..” He said, his cheeks flushing crimson. 

Using my index finger to usher him over to me he happily obliged, climbing on to his bed and hovering over me once again. “Are you ready Harry?” I asked, grabbing his length in my hand and pumping lightly, brushing my thumb along the tip. 

He nodded vigorously and I parted my legs and let go of Harry’s member. Taking himself into his own hands he lined himself up with my entrance, making sure he was in the right spot before pushing in. 

His breath was shaky and low, I knew he had felt nothing like it before. My tight warmth surrounding him entirely. I sighed at the feeling of him filling me like no one has ever done before. Probably because no other guy I had sex with was a big as Harry. 

“Does that feel good?” I asked, cupping his face in my hand. He leaned in to my touch and groaned. “Yeah. Really, really good.” 

I pushed my fingers into his hips, telling him to move and he did. Boy, did he move. 

I expected him to be awkward and gawky but he was anything but that. My name slipped past his lips too many times to count and my fingers tugged at his tight brown curls whilst my eyes rolled back into my head. 

Harry felt so good, his thrusts met every spot that made me squirm and whine. He was doing a damn good job for someone so in-experienced. 

I was getting closer and closer but I wasn’t quite there yet and I knew Harry was trying to wait his own orgasm out. Moving my hand between us I began to touch my clitoris and my eyes began to flutter shut. 

Rubbing and teasing the sensitive nub I was getting closer, until Harry ripped my hand away from myself. He pinned it above my head and grabbed my left leg and hauled it over his waist, making the penetration deeper. 

“Harry!” I cried. Involuntarily I came, my eyes squeezing shut and my nails dragging down the taunt skin of Harry’s back. My orgasm was so powerful I barely noticed that Harry was coming as well. He looked breath taking above me, being caught up in his most vulnerable state was like a god of sorts. He looked fucking beautiful. 

“Fuck, (Y/N).” He cursed and collapsed on top of me. I ran my fingers through his hair as he fought to come back down to earth. “That was..” He began, but couldn’t find the right words to finish.

“I know.” I said.

“Harry! I’m home!” A voice called from the kitchen.

Harry sat up from me, a worried look on his face. I looked at him and propped myself on my elbows and was about to ask what was going on but Harry spoke first.

“Shit! It’s my Mum!” 

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