With Or Without You- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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I sat alone in me bed with my laptop scrolling through Twitter mentions. I had been waiting for Harry to get home for 2 hours. He said he would be back at 12 but it was already 2 am. Our relationship had been very distant lately and it made me sad to think he would rather be out at clubs with his band mates he just got back with from an 8 month tour, then to be with me, his girlfriend of a year and a half. I sighed in frustration which quickly turned to a yawn. I put my laptop on the floor and pulled my covers over my shoulders. I tried not to cry but i felt a few tears escape. 

I was woken up when i felt the other side of the bed dip down. I didn’t want to tun around but i knew it was him, not just because he was also making a lot of noise but I could smell his cologne mixed with smoke and alcohol consuming our bedroom. I finally had the courage to turn around. He was sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from me typing at his phone. I slid out of the covers and put my legs on either side of him, wrapping my arms around his neck and broad shoulders. 

“Where have you been?” I whispered “Out” he said with an annoyed tone. “Oh” I said letting go of him and scooting back to my side of the bed. I got back under the covers when he finally turned around to lay down on his side. “Night” he said laying down facing away from me. I chose to ignore him and he clearly knew I was upset. I felt him shift around then I felt his warm lips connect with my cheek. “Love you” he whispered then he turned back around. I continued to let the tears escape my eyes.

I felt bright light from the sun peak through the blinds on my face. I squinted a few times adjusting my eyes to the sunlight. I turned over, Harry was on his back with one hand behind his head, snoring lightly with his mouth open. I smiled a little because he looked so cute when he slept. I decided to get up and make us breakfast and forget about my little episode I had last night. I was searching our kitchen cabinets for a frying pan to make us fried eggs. He loved my cooking, especially my fried eggs. I heard him jogging downstairs, but it was louder than usual so he obviously had shoes on and was in a hurry. “Hey babe Im going to lunch with the lads I’ll see you later!” he said grabbing his keys off the counter and heading for the door. “Wait Harry!” I yelled after him “Babe Im in a really big hurry I’ll see you later!” he repeated. I sprinted to the door before he had a chance to grab the knob and stood in front of it. “No listen to me!” I said sternly standing my ground. He was a little shocked but he stayed quiet. “You keep leaving me every day and night and I never get to see you! I was going to make you your favorite breakfast and I wanted us to hang out today, just us two!” I said frustrated. “I promise I will tomorrow I just really have to go!” he said trying to reach for the door knob but i scooted over blocking his reach. “No Harry this isn’t fair to me. You never tell me where your going and I never get a chance to see you! Im your fucking girlfriend don’t you remember! I said, now screaming. “Fuck (y/n) don’t hold such a tight leash on my your’e not my fucking mother! Last time I checked I was a grown man and I can do what I want now move.” he said raising his voice. I didn’t move. I didn’t even say anything. Next thing I knew he shoved me sideways sending my petite small body to the floor. I looked up at him, tears already spilling out of my eyes. “Fuck babe I’m sorry!” he said leaning down trying to grab me into a hug. “No Harry leave!” I yelled standing up. I wiped my tears away with the back of my hand. “Last time I checked I paid rent here so you leave.” he fired back. I was shocked, did he really just kick me out? “Fine!” i screamed grabbing my purse and shoes and running out the door. i realized I was still in his shirt and only a pair of panties, but i was not going to turn around, I didn’t want to take the elevator considering I wasn’t really dressed so i ran to the stairs. After running down 4 flights I stopped on a step and cried. I realized I had just moved to London with Harry and i didn’t know anyone. I had no where to go, but there was no way I was going back to our flat after he just kicked me out. I decided to go find a hotel. I walked the streets of London for what felt like hours till I finally found a hotel. Thank goodness his shirt covered my hind end. I checked in to a room and laid on the bed. I didn’t know what to do or where to go after this. I wouldn’t be able to afford a hotel every night. I curled up in the bed and sobbed. 

I was woken up. I felt the bed next to me dip and I realized I was not in Harry and I’s flat but i was in the hotel. My eyes widened in fear, what if a rapist got into my hotel room? Then I felt a strong arm around my waist pulling me into them and a kiss on the back of my neck and I knew it was him. I shut my eyes trying not to cry but it was no use, the tears already started to flow. “Im so sorry” he whispered. I turned around to face him and I could see the tear stains on his face and I knew he had been crying. He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me. i wanted to pull away and stand my ground and shout and slap him and hit him but he tasted so amazing I didn’t want to stop. He pulled me up to sit between his legs and I rested my head on his shoulder. “Im sorry I pushed you. I would never hurt you, not physically at least.” he said continuing to kiss my cheek and head. “I know you didn’t mean it.” I said. “But you really hurt me” I contiuned. “I know baby, i know” he said soothingly. “I promise I will never hurt you again and I will be there for you always, i want to wake up to you every morning to lay next to you every night when I go to bed. I want to spend every waking moment with you because I love you so much.” he said and i smiled. “You don’t have to be with me 24/7, I understand you want to see your friends, just don’t leave me alone.” I said “I promise I wont.” he said. We sat there for a while in each others arms for a while when he finally spoke. ”(y/n)?” “Yes Harry?” i responded. “Marry me?” he asked. I was shocked at first, then I smiled. “No Harry you’re just saying that.” I said “No babe i mean it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you’ll have me.” he said. There was a long pause so that I could process what he just asked of me. “I’ll think about it” I said bending my neck backwards to kiss him upside down, like Spiderman and MaryJane. He grabbed my body and flipped me over climbing on top of me causing me to giggle. “I. Love. You” he said in between kisses. “I love you too.” I said cupping his face in my hands. He reached behind him grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head. I did the same tossing it to the floor. “He grabbed my panties pulling them down in one swift motion and I started to unbutton his jeans when he stopped me. “No babe” he whispered and he lowered his head so he was eye level with my dripping sex. I felt his tongue at my entrance licking up to my clit. My back arched when I felt him such on my nerve endings. I grabbed his hair in one hand holding his head and my other hand grabbed the head board behind me. He looked up at me with his gorgeous eyes as he continued his assault. “Fuck Harry!” I moaned releasing my juices into his waiting mouth. He started kissing his way back up my body when he reached my lips kissing me. I could taste myself on his lips. He started to unbutton his jeans pulling them off along with his boxers. He was completely hard, his length touching his toned stomach. H grabbed his member stroking it along my folds. I let out a whimper and he smirked thrusting into me. “Oh my god!!” i screamed throwing my arms around his neck biting his shoulder. “Fucking hell, your’e so tight baby.” he moaned struggling to get his words out as he thrusted into me hard and fast. “Harry I’m cumming!” I moaned out. “Cum for me love.” he cooed and I felt his hand connect with my clit pushing me closer to my release. In a matter of seconds we were both cumming together. This moment felt so good I didn’t want to let go of him and he laid his body on top of mine. After a few minutes I spoke. “Yes” I said still trying to catch my breath. “What?” he asked “Yes. Yes i’ll marry you. I said smiling. he smiled instantly letting his dimples come into sight. “Really?” he asked exceedingly. I nodded still smiling. He started to kiss me all over my face, my lips my cheeks, my nose, my forehead. “I love you so fucking much. He said flipping us over so we were spooning. 

“I love you too.” I said smiling as we both drifted to sleep.

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