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Extended Summary: Andromeda Pierce has spent the last year locked up for her own stupid bravery. When she gets sent down to Earth with 99 other criminals she quickly strives to mark her place in this new world. Facing new friends and enemies, Andromeda finds herself not believing in the girl she used to be. She has to change her ways to survive in this new world or get taken from it. This is truly Survival of the Fittest.

A/N and Disclaimer:

Thank you all for deciding to read this story. After bingewatching The 100 for two weeks, I couldn't get this story idea out of my head. Andromeda is a character who I hope will challenge him like Clarke, understand him like Octavia, but love him like no one else. Because of this, as you probably already have guessed, the plot will shift a bit because of her character.

Disclaimer: I do not own The 100 or any other coincidental thing you may recognize. All rights to The 100, while I wish they were mine, go to Kass Morgan and The CW Network.

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