4 - Party Crasher

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The auction was in full swing.

I had organised the auction at the nicest and fanciest hotel in the city, The Starlight. Not only was it a hotel made from the money of the families in this very room, it was stunning to be in. High crystal chandlers were hung from the ceiling, marble flooring that was almost slippery underfoot and waiters dressed in white and black littered the function room. From my podium near the door, I spotted Oliver in the middle of the room, charming the rich men and women around him.

He was very charming when he wanted to be.

I stood in my purple dress, eyeing the richest families around me. I hadn't come from money and I certainly didn't have money now but even just standing near rich and powerful families was intimidating. I could feel eyes on me, people watching as I checked off names at the door, smiling and welcoming in everyone. Could they tell by the very look of me that I wasn't like them? That I was the only person on the room without a fancy last name that had billions of dollars behind it?

"Stop stressing, Violet. The auction is going wonderfully." Oliver suddenly stood next to me, his voice low and a smile pinned to his face for the onlookers.

I turned briefly towards him, eyeing the suit I had picked out for him. "I know it's going wonderfully. I planned it after all, Mr. Queen."

Oliver's smile grew into the one I knew very well. "Ah, there she is."

I cocked my eyebrow at him. "Just relax and smile with your eyes, you don't want to appear as fake as some of the people in this room." Oliver whispered, moving his head lower to my ear.

With his advice, I gave him a very brief smile, showing him what he wanted, pearly white teeth and everything. "Better, Ollie?" I asked tilting my head up towards him.

He only shook his head, waving at a ageing man across the room. His handsome eyes met mine for a moment longer. "You look beautiful, by the way."

I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, giving him a huge grin. "Tell me something I don't know." I replied but even though my stomach was fluttering. I didn't remotely have any romantic interest in Oliver, but it was nice to be told something like that from a man like him.

Oliver just continued to smile before leaving my side. I spotted the pretty blonde Felicity Smoke near a waiter, she looked rather nervous. Oliver headed over towards her, slowly and casually. I watched for a moment as they greeted each other, ever so politely. Felicity looked pretty in a white classy dress, her hair curled around her face and her glasses gone.

I turned away, my eyes trailing back to the clipboard in my hands. Most of the guests were already here. It was my job to check in everyone and make sure no strays made it passed the double doors. This party was for the most powerful people in the city, it was very strict on security. I would usually get a bouncer of some sort to do the job but tonight this auction was important, not only to me but to Oliver's career. I was a perfectionist on things like this, so I wanted the job done right. Which was why I was holding the clipboard and checking off names.

I smiled at a passing couple, arm in arm. "Hello Mrs. and Mr. Williams, nice to see you two tonight." The Williams were one of the major funders of the company, they owned half the clubs in town. They were new money but still respected in the city.

As they smiled across at me my eyes spotted a tiny brunette standing behind them. She looked nervous, her eyes taking in the fancy setting in front of her. She stepped forward though, a small amount of courage setting in. She went to move pass me but I side stepped in front of her.

"Name please?" I asked her politely. I knew the faces of many people in this room and I didn't know her. She was a tiny little thing, I towered over her rather dramatically. Her brown eyes glanced up quickly, eyeing me.

"Uh, my name?" She asked, a little confused.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "This is a closed function, if you're not on the list you can't come in."

The girl glanced over my shoulder, trying to see into the room. "Is it possible to just quickly go in? I just need to find someone who is supposed to be here. It's very important. I wouldn't stay long, please."

I saw the need in the woman's kind eyes but I wasn't having it. I was already shaking my head, ready to turn her away when she stepped forward trying to get passed me. My hand shot out, touching her elbow. When my hand connected with her skin, a flare of heat went through my hand. I pulled back, my eyes watching at her arm as it flashed invisible. Her eyes found mine quickly, alarm filling her kind brown eyes.

"What the hell--" I started as she went to brush pass me again.

"She's with me," A voice called out from behind me. Both of us turned to face the man behind us, interpreting the extremely odd moment only seconds before. The voice belonged to Roy Harper, a playboy son of the late Mr. Harper. They were a very rich family that were always looking for new companies to invest in. They had shares in almost every successful company in Star City.

"What?" We both asked.

Roy stood there smirking, his eyes running up and down both of us. The girl next to me looked at him in shock, her mouth hanging open. "She's with me," He repeated. "She's not on the list as herself, she's my plus one."

I knew he was lying but his family wasn't one I wanted to mess around with. If tonight went well Oliver's company and family name would be saved. I turned back to the girl, even though she had been granted a lucky break she didn't look relieved. She looked like she was about to cry and throw up at the same time.

"Of course, Mr Harper." I told him, knowing this playboy was nothing more than the result of money and no parental guidance growing up. I glanced across at the girl, "Can I get your name, please? For security reasons."

The girl looked at me quickly, dragging her eyesight away from Roy Harper. "Uh, Margo Phillips."

I took note of her name as she went pass me, moving towards the rich boy behind me slowly. I still felt the string in my hand as I watched her leave. Had she felt the same sensation as me when our skin had touched? What in the hell was that?

The questions kept on coming though as the night went on. That wasn't the last time I would see the girl named Margo Phillips.


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