Magcon Girls

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"Mail!" I called through the apartment, shuffling through the stack.

Olivia came running down the hallway, Kylie following behind her, pulling each other back and trying to be first.

"Can you two please take your sibling rivalry somewhere else?" Emily snapped, pushing them both out of the way.

"Do they have to do this every morning?" I asked. She rolled her eyes." You two are 19 years old, can you please grow up already?!"

They both stopped." Every morning with you two." Emily muttered, taking her mail into the kitchen.

"Hey Lex, I think you should look at this." Emily called. I handed Kylie and Olivia their mail and they followed me into the kitchen.

Emily handed me a letter from Magcon." Do you think this is a joke?" She asked. I held out the letter for Kylie, Olivia, and I to read.

We had been invited to join the summer tour!

"I think this is legit! Should we do it?" Kylie asked.

"I don't know, three months traveling around the country with 12 hot guys?" I gave her a dumbfounded look." Of course we should do it!"

"Wait shouldn't we-" Olivia cut Emily off." I'm so excited. Call Bart right now and tell him we said yes!"

I dialed the number on the letter and put it on speaker.

"Hello?" He answered after a few rings.

"Hi Bart, it's Lexi Miller. I'm calling on behalf of the girls and we accept your invitation for the tour!" I said.

"That's wonderful! I will get your plane tickets to Nashville as soon as possible, see you next week girls!" With that he hung up.

We all cheered.

"I can't believe we're going to meet Nash Grier!" Olivia yelled.

Emily didn't say anything but she still seemed excited. My only concern is that over the tour we don't get caught up in many fights.

* one week later

"Clothes, check, shoes, check, bathroom essentials...check." I said out loud, rummaging through my bag so I know I have everything.

"Do you guys have everything you need?" I asked, yelling down the hallway.

"Almost! We can leave in 5 or so minutes!" Kylie called back.

I zipped up my suitcase and met up with Emily in the kitchen." Good morning." I said cheerfully. She groaned and dropped another spoonful of cereal cereal into her mouth.

I checked my watch, 6:26am. I wanted to leave soon so we wouldn't miss our flight but Kylie and Olivia are taking forever.

"Ladies, chop chop, we have a plane to catch!" I yelled.

"We're coming!" They yelled back. The reply echoed through the flat and from downstairs someone yelled at us to be quiet.

With the time problems, I forgot it was early and people are still sleeping.

The girls came running down the hallway and we all grabbed out stuff and left.


When the plane landed, the girls and I waited a bit before getting off so it wouldn't be as crowded.

"For someone who's going to meet famous people, you don't seem too happy." I said to Emily, nudging her with my elbow.

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