Author's Note

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Hello. So I wrote this in less than an hour so sorry if it sucks but I freaking love it.

I recently became obsessed with Heaven by Troye Sivan after actually focusing on the lyrics and once I actually understood the meaning behind the lyrics, I wrote this. It's a short story so the parts are going to be short af. It's basically just like a summary of each year Troye had until he finally "counted to fifteen". It's also fanfiction so obviously it's not going to be exactly what happened but I tried to include things from his actual life. And make sure to listen to Heaven before reading because it will help you understand it better.

No bromances or relationships. Purely just about Troye finding himself.

Enjoy ! x

EDIT: I made a Tronnor epilogue because people kept commenting about Troyler and I'm Team Tronnor so yeah.

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