Chapter 1

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I love him. I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't. It's wrong to like another boy, especially if you're an unloveable freak like me.

He doesn't deserve this. Your stares and wishful requests for love, he likes girls. He doesn't deserve to be bothered by you, or you presence.

"We're friends, right?"

You remember when you asked that, right? The stupid look he gave you? You do. I know you do. Remember how he didn't actually answer? He just laughed.

Let's say that he is gay. Would you really think that he'd date a spaz like you? You're crazy. No one would love you.

"Hey, Tweek?" I snap out of my thoughts as Clyde concerned voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Y-yeah?" Stop stuttering like an idiot.

"You okay?" Clyde asks.

"Yeah, f-fine. Excuse m-me," I'm just fine. Just fine. Fine.

I walk away to the bathroom, going into one of the stalls locking the door and sitting on the floor.

I sigh. Why can't he just love me?

Because he wants a girl. The things you're not, that's what he wants.

That's all he'll ever want.

The only thing he needs from you is for you to shut up and retain a background character position.


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