Chapter 1

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I walked to the Cullen's house to visit everyone. As you can see Bella's my sister.

I was turned into a vampire when I was 17 now I'm stuck like this forever.

Everybody was outside train. Nessie saw me and ran over.

"Sidney your here!" She yelled.

"Why wouldn't I be here my little airplane." I said and left her up and spanned her around.

I put her back on her feet as Bella and Edward came.

"Sid how's my favourite sister doing." Bella asked.

"I'm your only sister and great Seth won't leave my side." I said.

"Seth is that true?" Edward asked. I looked and saw Seth.

"Yup but its nice." He said.

He kissed my cheek and Nessie squeal.

"Ew that nasty. Sidney can we go for a walk." Nessie asked.

"Can Seth come I'm sure he'll let you ride on his back." I asked her.

"Yes Seth can come but no kissing." She said.

"Deal." Me and Seth said.

"Be safe the Volturi could be out there." Bella told us.

"Bella you forgot I'm a vampire and plus can can burn them." I said to my sister.

Nessie jump on Seth back and we started to run in the forest. We got to a creek and Seth set Nessie on a log.

"Sidney how did you and Seth met." Nessie asked me seating on my lap.

"Well when Edward left to keep Bella safe she became depressed so i took her to see Jacob and Seth just so happen to be there." I said.

I heard a twig snapped behind us.

I grabbed Nessie and put her on my waist.

"Nessie i need you to be quit ok my airplane." I asked she nod her head.

A second later two people came out in all black. It was Jane Alec the witch twins.

"I told you Alec there was a wolf here." Jane said.

I felt Seth start to shake i grabbed his hand and he come down.

Jane looked at me with her blood red eyes.

"Sidney, How could you love a wolf." She asked.

A fire red must came out of my hand my eyes turned into a fire. Nessie put her head in my neck.

Jane had a scared look on her face Alec had the same expiation as Jane did.

"I think you should leave before Sidney burns the whole forest down." Seth said.

"Aro won't stop until he gets Sidney." Jane said. Her and Alec ran away in a second.

"Aunt Sidney what did Jane mean about that." Nessie asked.

I looked at her and gave her a small smile and replied.

"I don't know lets get back and tell gramps and figure it out form there ok." I said.

She nod I grabbed Seth hand and we started walking back.