You And Me: Family.

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Doug pulled me up from the table and threw me against the wall.. " You're a useless, Slut.. You're good for nothing.. But a good time.. That's all you're good for.. " he spat at me.. Now

I remembered him..

He was the one encouraged Dakota to violate me.. I looked at him in utter disgust and gulped.. " Dakota! " Doug yelled.. Dakota walked through the door as he heard his uncle's call.. " Yes Sir? " he said with his hands behind his back..

" Take her.. Until I figure out what I want to do with her... " he smirked turning his head to the side like he was wondering..

Dakota walked to me and lifted me up by my underarms like a baby.. Then threw me over his shoulders.. What was the point in even trying to fight anymore..

I was clearly done for..

I bet my group hasn't even bothered trying to find me.. They all know I'm as good as dead.. It's whatever. If I die I just hope it's a bullet to the head.. Not by the walkers..

Hell no..

Dakota walked at a slow pace back to the room.. But we passed it.. " Where we going? " I muttered.. " Shut your mouth, Ella.. " he shushed me.. Well fine than ass face.. I thought.. But didn't say it.. I don't want anymore punishment..

Carl's POV

It was pitch black.. We couldn't see much.. Couldn't use Flashlights.. We didn't want to attract walkers.. I couldn't take this anymore..

" We have to go back, we can't go any further.. " my dad suggested.. He really didn't want to.. " Why ?! " I shot my head up.. " We can't spare the fuel, Carl.. We'll try again tomorrow.. " he seriously dreaded saying..

I sat up in my seat and jumped out the door.. " Carl! " My dad yelled in a hushed tone.. Daryl got out and grabbed me

" Boy, you lost your mind?! " he said pulling me back.. " I'm finding her on my own.. That's my girlfriend okay! I love her more than anything and it's my fault she's out there! " I screamed at Daryl shaking loose of his grip nearly pouring tears out..

Michonne, Glenn and My dad got out as well.. " I'm going to do this.. This is important.. " I added.. " Glenn, you take Michonne and Daryl back.. I'm helping Carl.. Don't turn back.. " My dad said handing Glenn the keys.. Glenn handed them to Michonne..

" She's family.. I'm not stopping.. " Glenn added..

" Family.. " Michonne threw the keys in the car..

Daryl readied his crossbow..

" We're not letting this one go, we don't let family go.. " Daryl said..

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