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"I won't let that happen," I said, holding the lantern so I could see The Beast.

He still remained a shadow, and I backed up to where Greg was. He was so young. So innocent. He can't die.

"Well then," The Beast started.

I looked back at it.

"Perhaps we better make a deal," The Beast suggested.

"A deal?" I asked.

"I can put his spirit in the lantern," The Beast replied, reaching for it. "As long as the flame stays lit, he will live on inside."

I looked at the lantern, then back at Greg.

"Take on the task of lantern bearer," The Beast said. "Or watch your brother perish."

I looked back at The Beast.

"Come here," The Beast ordered.

I sighed.

"Okay," I said and walked towards The Beast.

Beatrice gasped. "Wirt!"

"I'm sorry, Beatrice," I said, looking back at her. "But I can't risk Greg's life."

I handed The Beast the lantern.

"Thank you, my boy," The Beast said, and snapped his fingers.

The ground rushed up to greet me, voices ringing in my ears.

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