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Pen Your Pride

A/N.: Hello again my lovelies who probably hate my guts for disappearing for so long. I just wanted to apologize for making you guys wait so long. It's inhumane of me, I know, but typing with a half broken laptop screen (this is why I brought a new laptop (but that isn't why I destroyed it)) is extremely difficult. But that's not the real reason I was away for so long. I took a long break from writing bc I started having problems with my eyes and it gave me intense head/eye pains. I couldn't stand the light (sunlight, computer light, tv light, lightbulb lights) bc it felt like my eyes were being gorged out so I went demonic vampire for awhile and hid away in dark rooms with minimal light whenever possible. (Basically I slept a lot.) Anyways, Im fine now. I've been fine for quite awhile actually with just minor on and off pains but that's why I stopped writing and coming on here, bc I didn't want to strain my eyes while I was getting better.

Anyways, I'm sorry once again and here's the next chapter. There's 3 more chapters after this and they should all be up and done with within the week. Love always, Aubrey. <3

CHAPTER EIGHT ~*~*~ In A Red Dress

Back in San Diego, we met up with Ryan’s parents at the hotel. Ryan’s dad was one of those people that didn’t talk much, but was exceptionally nice. Ryan’s mom on the other hand, was extremely talkative and when she was talking, nobody else in the world was, so I guess that made them the perfect couple.

Initially, we were supposed to stay overnight at the hotel and then leave the next morning, but typical Ryan had wanted to do some exploring while we had the chance so Mr. Proud agreed to let us stay for an extra day. Of course, I expected Ryan to be off the wall the next day since he was just that kind of guy, but I didn’t expect him to knock on my door at 7 in the morning – especially when we went to bed at 3 the night before.

“Oh my god, Ryan! Just let me sleep okay? You know I’m not a morning person.”

“Psh! Dannie! It’s me! Sweetie, let me in!”

My eyes widened at the white ceiling above my head when I realized it was a woman’s voice that hissed through the door. One, either Ryan had... No that’s not possible. It was definitely Mrs. Proud.

Making my way over to the entrance, I opened the door up a crack to take a peek and sure enough, Ryan’s mother stood outside my room with the biggest smile on her face. Apparently, while Ryan and I were away, she had took it upon herself to buy me a pretty, little, red sundress that was oh-so-not-meant-for-me.

“I’ve always wanted a daughter,” she chuckled.

“So did my mom,” I told her, but either she didn’t get my humour or she just didn’t care because she managed to get me dressed in 2 minutes flat anyways. Then came the ever torturous event of hair curling and makeup until I couldn’t feel my face and my head felt ten pounds heavier. When I finally thought the whole dreadful ordeal was over, Mrs. Proud brought in the high heels.  

“Oh no!” I said. “I don’t do those... those things. They are completely out of the question.”

“But they match your dress,” she insisted. “You would look so nice with them on.”

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