I ran in the cortex my shoes were on fire. "Ahh!" I screamed. Caitlin  grabbed a wet cloth and put it on my feet. "Where is he!" I yelled.  "Okay... ware house on Freedom road" Cisco said. I grabbed my suit and ran Barry behind me. He grabbed my arm and made me stop in front of the ware house.  "I'll get him... you're to emotional" he said. "But..." he cut me off. "No buts" he said. Then he walked in the ware house. "Snart!" I heard Barry yell. "Barry! Glad you showed up. Now this is going to hurt" I heard his ice gun come to life. I ran in the ware house and jumped in front of the ice. "Ahh!" I screamed. I fell in Barry's arms. I was in pain. Then I started sobbing. "Oh it's the Dash. The /Flash's sidekick" Cold said. "Skye it's going to be okay" Barry whispered. "Bye Barry" Cold said.  Then every thing froze I looked at Barry and he wasn't moving. Then I got up and and slapped the gun out of his hand. Then everything went back to normal. So I punched his face. He fell on falling the ground. Barry looked at me confused. "What just happened?" he asked.
We arrived at S.T.A.R labs. Caitlin ran towards me. She hugged me. "Never do that again okay?". "Ow" I said. "Sorry" Caitlin said. "Ms. Snow?" Harrison asked. "Yes" I said. "What did you do?" Harrison asked. "I don't know. One minute Cold is going to shoot Barry then everything stopped moving" I said. "You stopped time" he said. "Wait that's awesome" Cisco said. "She can stop time?" Barry said in disbelief. "You can go back in time, so it is a possibility" Caitlin said. "Okay can we talk about this tomorrow,  I'm in pain" I said. "You should get some rest.  But you should have one of us watch you" Caitlin said. "I'm fine" I said. "I have a gun and speed I'll be fine" I said. "I want you to be safer" Caitlin said. "I'll do it" Barry said. "Okay fine you win" I surrendered.  "Good" Barry said. He swept me in his hands and ran to my apartment. He dropped me off in my bed. "I'll just sleep on the couch or something" Barry said. I grabbed his hand. "Barry will you cuddle with me?" I asked. "Um... okay" he said. He got in my bed and I hugged him. "So Barry?" I asked. "Yeah Skye". "Your a good singer" I said. "Yeah you to. Ever be in glee club?" Barry asked me. "Yes" I said. "Nerd" he said. "Geek" I said. We laughed. "So what is your parents like Caitlin doesn't talk about them" Barry said. "They were great. They always read me stories and I couldn't ask for better parents" I said. "Goodnight Barry" I said. "Goodnight Skye" Barry said. Then I fell asleep.

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