Don't Forget Me When You're Famous [Chapter 9]

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So as you'll soon find out, this chapter is basically the previous chapter, only from Kale's POV which is much more descriptive in my opinion. Oh! And with a little twist at the end =) Enjoy and Don't Forget to listen to the music! By the way, if the song is over before the chapter is, you can visit the replay button on the video =) It works like magic haha

Chapter 9

Song: Powerful Stuff by Sean Hayes


"We're sorry, the number you've dialed is not in service-," Ugh! I resisted the urge to throw my phone at the wall. Why wouldn't her phone be in service? She knew that I'd be calling... Was ignoring your best friend the new trend in Hollywood, or wherever the hell she was these days. It's not like she told me anything. Not like she spoke to me anymore. A week, and not a word. I set a rule for myself: ten minutes, and I would try again, and then after that... well... maybe it was a sign.

I paced through the house, fists and jaw clenching simultaneously. I walked into the kitchen, going through the drawers, looking for something to occupy my hands with when I stumbled across a notepad, tucked in an unlikely spot. I recall it being the one by the phone. On it was a message, scrawled neatly in my mother's loopy cursive. It read:

Honey called. Sounded a bit upset. You should call back soon.

There was a layer of dust over it, so I decided it must have been there for a few days before I'd discovered it. Why hadn't my mom just told me? Was she bent on keeping us out of touch? No.. otherwise she wouldn't have left a message at all. I buried my face in my hands, sighing loudly.

"Oh, hey hun. I didn't know you were home," my mom said, walking into the kitchen and setting groceries on the counter. "You will not believe what the cashier said to me at the super market today," she shook her head and began unpacking the large brown bags.

"Mom," I said, but she kept talking.

"So I went to purchase a bottle of wine, right? I do at least once a month and store them-"

"Mom," I said again, louder.

She reached up into one of the higher cabinets and pulled out the empty salt container. She replaced it with a new one, "She had the nerve to-"

"Mom!" I damn near shouted. She stopped abruptly, staring at me curiously.

"Why didn't you tell me Honey called?!" I was beyond pissed.

"What are you talking about? I left a message on the-"

"And you put it in a drawer we don't use, so I wouldn't see it! How long ago was it?"

"It was when that Heidi girl came over, and I had it stuck right on the fridge, you know we don't use those drawers," she gave me an odd look and turned around again, resuming putting away the groceries. I walked outside, onto the deck and sat down at the edge. I pulled out my phone, dialed, and crossed my fingers. It rang a few times, and my heart sank.

"Hello?" A smooth voice sounded, slightly irritated.

"Ahh, finally! God, Honey, I've been ringing you for ages! I can't-"

"That was my bad, I dropped my phone and-"

"Oh no, it's completely okay, I'm just glad to finally talk to you, it feels like it's been weeks."

"Well," her voice softened a bit, "It has."

"Anyways," I said, wanting to hear more before she inevitably said she had to go. I knew it would be soon; it always was. "How did the audition go?"

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