Text 16

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Hey guys- hope you don't mind but I'm going to stop doing the 'read 1:00pm (you know what I mean) at the bottom of each text, it is too annoying :D

Warnings: None

Dan👌🏻: Bleugh
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Phil🐯: what's up?
Dan👌🏻: I feel sick :(
Phil🐯: in what way?
Dan👌🏻: like, 'help me I'm going to throw up' sick
Phil🐯: do you want a bucket?
Dan👌🏻: ya plz
Phil🐯: alrighty I will go get the bucket
Phil🐯: is it okay if it is hot pink with gold and white glitter on it and unicorns?
Dan👌🏻: wth?
Phil🐯: it's the only one I could find! A subscriber gave it to us at Playlist Live ages ago!
Dan👌🏻: please just hurry up

Dan👌🏻: you have probably gone to sleep now, but thank you for being up and not being cranky that I woke you
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Phil🐯: no problem, I'm always here

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