Chapter Seven Working Girl Blues

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"Andrew said I could help you at work today." He said as he chewed some cereal. I rolled my eyes did he not know it wasn't polite to talk while chewing. I'm going to kill Andrew why was he volunteering me to babysit. He looked like the type that would be afraid to get in the pin with the animals. I guess you could say that he gave off that I'm a softy look.

"Did he now?" I questioned in a monotone voice when I got done chewing. He nodded as he continued to eat his cereal I stared at him as he ate. He didn't look like the type to like cleaning up after animals; he looked like he'd just end up playing with them. I was a little angry but I decide to take it out on Andrew instead since he volunteered my services without permission.

"So is their going to be horses there? I've always wanted to ride one." He asked. I could hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke. It almost brought a smile to my face which I held back. I took a look at what he was wearing to see if it was work appropriate. I shrugged his pants were a little tight but he could manage.

"Yeah old man foster has three of them." I replied as I finished off the rest of my breakfast. A big smile broke out on his face and I couldn't help but smile back. He reminded me of my brother when he was trying to make me smile or laugh.

He gasped. "You smiled." he pointed at me with wide eyes. I couldn't help but chuckle and shake my head. He was definitely like my brother well when he wasn't being serious. We diverted our attention to Trent when he walked in the kitchen with a smile on his face. He was humming a song as he walked towards the fridge.

"Good morning ya'll." He said cheerfully with a smile on his face. See this is why I didn't get Trent half of the time. One moment he was happy then the next he was crying his eyes out. But then again he was always a happy guy in the past.

"Hey, Trent do you know if Andrew's awake because I have to talk to him?" I asked as I put my bowl in the sink. Andrew needed to feel my Wrath.

"He was going to take a shower when I saw him." Trent replied. I thanked him and ran up the stairs to find Trent. Brother or not he was seriously pushing his limits with me. It's not enough that he had to let them stay with up but now he's making me take them to work. When was he going to learn that I didn't like people pushed on me.

I knocked on the bathroom door when I heard Andrew answer I let myself in. He was still in the shower when I came in he peaked from behind the shower curtain. It wasn't like I hadn't already seen everything he had before we did in fact take baths together when we were younger.

"What do you want Kendall? He asked as he showered.

"Why would you tell Niall that he could come to work with me?" I questioned loudly so he could hear me over the shower.

"I'm sure they didn't want to sit around the house all day with nothing to do." He responded."And Liam and Paul wanted to help me fix that old motorcycle that I found." He added. I rolled my eyes I didn't need him trailing behind me.

"Why couldn't you just take all of them?" I asked as I gathered the clothes and towel Andrew had sitting out for himself. I was going to make him pay for making my life hell. I'd start with pranking him first.

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