Rosa the calico Neko PART 1

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(Y/n) pov

I giggled as I hung out with Darwin and Gumball. Gumball's arm was over my shoulder and he seemed to be extra clingy. Not saying I minded but it worried me. I watched as Darwin beat Gumball with a final move on a game. "Gumball how could you fail?!" I asked with a laugh. Gumball looked at me before tickling my sides. I broke out in a huge fit of laughter. He chuckled as I fell over onto my back. Darwin snuck away with a smile and went up to his room. Gumball leaned over me as he stopped tickling me. I panted gently as I looked up to the bright blue eyes I loved. He smiled when my phone buzzed. I yanked my phone out of my pocket and checked the message. It was Rosa. My old calico cat bff. I opened the message and almost died. "Yes!" I yelled and Gumball let up. I showed him the message that said my bff was coming down to visit. I haven't seen her for almost 2 months! Gumball smiled and hugged me. "Thats amazing! I get to meet one of your friends." He said and I hugged him back. I cant wait to see her!

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