Chapter 2

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“Erika wake up, your mum is here!” I groaned before sitting up from my place of sleep. I was lying on a metal bench that was more un-comfy that it looked, my back throbbed in protest as I stood up and stretched and the muscles in my arms felt heavy and stiff. I looked around my cosy cell and my eyes came across a guy who I had nicknamed ‘Glue eyes’ because ever since I was put into a cell next to him his eyes have never left me once.  I gave him the finger before moving over to the police officer that was waiting for me, as he rattled the keys I eagerly awaited to be let out of this cell that smelt of sick and disinfectant.

The cell door slid open and I jumped out preparing to hightail it to my mum and then get the hell out of here. Unfortunately the police officer who looked younger than me took a tight grip on my arm and began to escort me to the reception desk. I glared at him which he responded by placing a smirk on his lips, if only he knew that I could break his arm in one quick move. I did contemplate the idea but in a building full of cops and my mum, I could guess I would be in some serious trouble then.  

The officer opened the final door and I was welcomed not just with the smell of fresh air coming in through the open entrance, but my mum’s angry face. I've got it from here” I spoke very harshly to the cop, who just released me and smiled “good luck”. I rolled my eyes and made my way to collect my phone and purse of the reception and then finally faced my mum.

My mum’s soft frame was stood hard, her eyes looked at me un-impressed and by the way she pressed her lips together I could tell I was in for an ear full. Believe me I wanted to listen but I was tired, I wanted a shower and I could only imagine the state I was in. I hooked a thumb in each back pocket of my jeans and waited for her to start, but when things couldn’t already look bad Sam walked through the door. I sighed and groaned heavily “what are you doing here?” I should tell you about Sam, he is my mum’s boyfriend and even though I hated him with a passion I only allowed him to be close to my mum because he made her happy.

My dad left when I was two years old and from the way my mum had described him, she was totally in love with him. The story goes that they had met in high school and were madly in love, they went to the same college and then my mum got pregnant with me. She dropped out to take care of me while my dad stayed on to learn and get a good job for the future.  They married and he was there for the entire pregnancy and was even in the room when I came into the world, then when I was two he met someone else. My mum told me it happened when they were at his father’s party, this girl had walked into the room and his eyes were set on her in an instant. She cried when she said that the look he gave her could melt the coldest heart, he soon left us even though he told us that it pained him to do so.

My mum had told my ex –counsellor that she thought I’am the way I’am because of my dad. That was the stupidest thing I had ever heard, I do not have daddy issues because for starters I don’t remember the guy. I’am the way I’am because I like to live on the edge and to be different was the most exciting thing I knew. My mum found me a hard child as I was growing up, when other girls were drawing and painting I was chasing boys and beating them up; other girls preferred Girl Guides and painting their nails, I liked to handle knives and join the young army cadets.  No, I’am not a tom boy I just liked to get in the middle of things.

Sam came into our lives a year ago, my mum had started to go to church to find god and that is where she met Sam. He is a complete religious nut and would always blame my ways on the devil. He made me read from the bible each week and constantly told me that I needed to come to church to wash the devil out of me. I would read the bible but I refused to go to church, my mum knowing I wouldn’t go down easy persuaded Sam to leave me be.  Many times I had thought about getting rid of him, but every time I saw the smile that lit up my mums face when they were together made me realised how much she needed Sam.  My mum had been alone for so long and even though she didn’t like to admit it but my dad had left a scar on her heart that still hadn’t healed. I will never have daddy issues, my mum raised me and to think about a man who would leave his family for someone else made me sick.

Sam was very tall, towering over me which annoyed me greatly seeing as I preferred to stare down at people. He had hair browner that chocolate and cut in the neatest yet boring style that complement his grey trousers and knitted jumper. He always carried a cross in his right pocket that he large hands would go to feel for every so often.  Sam’s facial features were hard with his rock chin and sharp cheek bones; his brown eyes were set back under groomed eyebrows and a small scar rested on his forehead from his past.  He was pristine to the point where dirt wasn’t an option; all in all he was a strange guy. But my mum loved him.

Sam pointed his finger at me “your mother doesn’t deserve the stress you put her under. Now get in the car and we will discuss this at home”. I gritted my teeth at his raised finger and harsh tone of voice, if he wasn’t careful I would ram him into the car. I gave him a fake smile and stomped out the police station (another place I had seen too much) and climbed into our car.

As we drove back I began to imagine the things Sam was going to say to me. That I should feel blessed with having a good home and that I need to accept God so that he will help me on my right path. I could go on, but what Sam needed to realise that I was happy and I wasn’t going to change. We eventually pulled up outside our house and I jumped out before even of them could say a word, when I opened the front door and pounded up the stairs I could literally hear the shower calling me.

“Erika Harley you come right back here, we need to have a family meeting”. I hovered on the top step before swivelling around to face a very annoyed mother. “Mum I’m going for a shower, after that then I will open my ears to what you have to say,” I didn’t wait for a response as I turned towards my bedroom slipping off my jacket.

After my shower I slipped into a pair of black shorts and a black tank top, my hair was wet but had been combed free from knots and my once sore body was now completely relaxed. I still couldn’t believe my mum had waited till morning to come and pick me up from the police station. 

I logged onto Facebook and laughed at a few pictures of me at last night’s party: Jessica, Neil and Mark had sent me a ton of messages asking if I was ok? I replied telling them what happened then settled down to playing online Mario. Half way through the game I pulled out a cigarette and lit it with my lucky lighter, it was in the shape of a wolf and it had been with me for god knows how long.  After lighting up and breathing in the wonderful scent, I placed my lips on the tip and inhaled the wonderful fumes. Letting the smoke out through my mouth and nose I relaxed further under the nicotine, when I noticed someone challenging me on Mario I held my cigarette between my right index finger and middle finger. This poor person had challenged the wrong girl.



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