Chapter Forty Five

(A/N: last na to. kung may iiyak man dito. last na po. kailangan kasi talaga ng mga gantong pangyayari para mag give way sa gusto ko. like a boss ako eh. haha.)

"You're always like that." Mommy said softly and put her arms around my shoulder. nasa mansion kami ngayon. nasa tabi ako ng pool habang nakalaylay yung paa sa tubig. its been a month since na she woke up and she's doing good.

"like what Mom?" i asked and forced myself to smile at her.

"spaced out and sad." she said sadly. ngumiti lang ako saka niyakap sya sa bewang saglit.

"Di naman eh." i smiled and turn my gaze on the water.

"is there anything i can do to help?" she said softly.

"Naah. why are you worried about me Mom? i'll be fine." i said softly and played with the water in my feet.

"you'll be fine. so that means youre not fine right now. come on baby. you can tell Mommy anything." she said softly. i sighed and look at her sadly.

"i'm fine Ma. i just miss nanay lusing and tricia." i said softly. dalawang beses ko palang natatawagan sila nanay dahil lagi kaming magkasama ni mommy. nawawawalan ako ng oras.

"i want to meet them someday." ngumiti nalang ako sa kanya saka di na nagsalita.

"oh! look what came in the mail today." she showed me an invitation. i slowly took it from her hands and opened it.

Cervantes-Montes Nuptial


Lawrence Angelo Cervantes  


Alaine Jessica Montes

invite you to share with us, 

the beginning of our life together as we pledge our love as one.

on saturday, eighteenth day of June..

nagsmudge yung letter na nasa invitation. dahil sa pumatak na tubig na hindi ko alam kung san nanggaling.

"Anak are you okay? why are you crying?" Mommy said worriedly. i wiped my tears and stood up.

"i have to go Ma." i took my keys and went out.


"Ana. nandyan ba si Venice?" Aurora asked when i picked up the phone.

"Au. wala si Venice dito. never saw her the whole afternoon. why? she's missing?" i said worriedly.

"she went away after i showed her the invitation this morning." Au said worriedly.

"oh no. i'll tell Lance to find her." i put down the phone and called Lance.


"Venice? missing again?" i answered.

"yes Anak. can you look for her? your mommy Au is worried sick. mamaya kung ano nanaman mangyari dun?" she said worriedly.

"then tell her i found Venice and she's safe. i'll find Venice. i promise." i hanged up and went straight to her penthouse.


"Sir. she never went here. why dont you try your house." Nina suggested. right!

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