Please tickle me

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I was goin to my house that i shared with my boyfriend ricardo who has been handsy latley " babe i'm home " i said that odd he din't come at me " babe where are you , your scaring me please come out " i said and went to our room and see him fast asleep i giggle at him and he wakes up " hey babe how was work " he ask " it was bad i got fired i need to giggle but i don't know how " i told him and he got an idea " babe where are the rope " ricardo ask " um in the kitchen why " he kiss me and said " i wont say but change to some shorts and a shirt without sleevs ok " he said and i nob i change " naty lay down arm ups ok " ricardo said i lay down and he tied me up " um what are you doin ricky oh no please don't please anything else but that " i said " sorry but that the way you can forget about today oh and wheres is the blind foldes " " in the bathroom " ricardo went and came with the blind fold and put it on me eyes " can you see babe " " no " " can you move " " no " i giggle " ok ready to be tickle by me " he start by my feet and i start to giggle a lot " r-r-r-ricardo no not there please jajajajajajajajajja stop " " no can do babe " he move to my stomach and blow rasberry i was giggling uncontroly " ricardo please stop jajajajajajjaajajajajjaajjajajajajajajajajajajajaja it tickles " i giggle harder them i feel to hand in my under arms i laugh alot " RICARDO JOEL MONTES MARTINES STOP PLEA-PLEASE " i laugh really harder " ok ok i think you had enogh " i feel that he unties me and kiss me

The end

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