Chapter 13

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LOL guess who ended up procrastinating? So i said this was for Halloween, but it's too late for that haha....oops.

Previously:"Well" Souji said, sitting up. "It's not his fault...this dojo is haunted" he said, his expression blank and serious.

Souji's expression remained blank and serious as he held eye-contact with Rin. A cold feeling filled Rin as a smile froze onto her face, her imagination running wild.

"E-eh? H-H-Haunted? Haha...Nice try Souji" Rin said, waving her hand dismissively.

"People who have stayed in this dojo for more than a year or two say that at night, they hear foot steps echoing around when no one's usually there" Souji continued, his eyes narrowing slowly for effect as he held his straight face.

Rin felt her frozen smile slowly fade as a tensed look replaced it.

"They say that a student once died here, brutally murdered. No one knows who did it, but they found his corpse hanging from the ceiling, and it was completely dismembered. Signs of torture on the body were visible. The living quarters where the body was found was completely sealed off. After the investigation reached a dead end, the incident was forgotten, and so was the student. No one used that living quarters for a few years. Everything was fine until one day, a new student joined. Due to a shortage in rooms, the new student ended up in the same living quarters the body was found in. He didn't know about the incident of course, so when his things kept disappearing and when he woke up to the sound of a katana being scraped against the floor, he didn't think much of it...until he heard the unearthly scream of a tortured soul. They say it was the only thing he could hear at night. Constant screams of agony and despair. A malicious cry for revenge. " Souji narrated, his voice quiet and low. "The next morning, the new student disappeared. He went missing for weeks until he reappeared out of nowhere again...well, at least his body did...his mind on the other hand..."

Rin felt her heart drop as her breath hitched with fear. There was only one thought that was running in her head: "If Onis exist, then why can't disturbed spirits?"

"'ve been here for a couple of years. You're still here....alive...and in one piece" Rin said, a nervous laugh escaping her. "There's no such things as ghosts" she said firmly more to herself than Souji.

Souji's face remained serious and unchanged. "I'm still here because i stay in a different living quarters than you and Heisuke."

"Different...Me and Heisuke?....What? Do you mean-"

"Yes Kitten. The living quarters that you're in is the very same that the victim's body was's the same place where that other student went missing after being driven to madness-"

"I don't believe you" Rin cut Souji off abruptly. "I'm going to sleep" she added as she got up and made her way to her room.

"Goodnight Kitten...Just hope that nothing will get you tonight~" Souji sang, mockingly.



Rin walked towards her room, a dozen thoughts racing through her head about the story Souji had just narrated.

"Pfft. He's just messing with you" a voice inside her head said.

"But Onis exist. Disturbed Spirits can exist too." another voice piped up.

"STOP." the first voice commanded.

"Hmph...'haunted'. Yeah right. That idiot...." Rin mumbled to herself as she slipped into a simple, dark blue yukata and pulled her hair tie out, letting her long, waist length hair flow free. Lying down on her futon, Rin threw her blanket over her and let her eye lids slowly drop shut.

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