Chapter Five

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Chapter 5: Charlie Milano

            I sat in my math class, last class of the day. I hate math, so I rarely paid

attention and barely got by. I opened my hollowed out math book that had Helen’s

journal inside. A full hour and a half of reading. I started reading to myself.

February 2, 1939

The nurse who the good looking boy hugged the other day was showing off a huge ring today, It has rubies and diamonds, if I were her I would never wear it work, in fact I wouldn’t even work. I guess he must have proposed to her, I’m not worried though. He wouldn’t have fallen in love with an Orphan with nothing but dreams in her head, and three pennies in her pocket. I’m not beautiful like the other girl. Her deep brown hair is always curled perfectly, and she wears red lipstick every day, if there was a depression, it had never entered the threshold of her house. Her eyes are glittery, and are hazel and beautiful. I am not nearly as lovely as her, and it is her choice to be in this hospital working as a nurse, not a forced choice, like mine.  I’ve lost all hope at this point.

February 3, 1939

I’m sitting in Mrs. Gregory’s room writing, I had to sedate her, and I never had the stomach to do that. I don’t like the feeling of having control over another human being, it seems weird to me. Mrs. Gregory was screaming about vampires, to the point where the whole hospital could hear her, and the doctor demanded me to put her to sleep before she made herself sick.  Before this happened though she was awake and talking to me. She frightens me. Always talking about vampires and what not, she told me they had attacked her, and that’s why she had the bruises and scratches. We knew she gave them to herself; she’s just another lonely soul looking for attention.

February 5, 1939

The hospital is under investigation. Apparently the hospital director has been accused of being the head mobster in a group that organizes crime. It has apparently been running since prohibition, and the say he mad gin in his office. I can’t believe it, I thought he was such an honest man, but I guess no one is ever honest in this day and age. It’s hard to trust anyone, especially in my case. I am my own best friend, and nothing is ever going to change that.

February 8, 1939

The hospital has been very busy lately; many nurses have been arrested for being involved in the crimes organized by the hotel director.  Since there haven’t been many nurses around, I’ve been able to meet a few different nurses that I hadn’t talked to. I got to meet the nurse with the huge engagement ring, her name is Aurora Edwards, and she’s not engaged to the mysterious handsome boy, he’s her brother, and he’s three years older than me. His name is Charles.

I stopped reading right their. CHARLES Edwards. The boy in the mansion was

named Charlie Edwards, I bit my lower lip. It’s just a coincidence, right? Charles is

A very common name, and Edwards is a common last name. It’s just a name. Just a

name, however it’s sort of odd.  I started reading again,

February 11, 1939

I just had time to read the date, when my teacher’s hand slammed down on my desk.


He asked in a very loud threatening tone. I stuttered out some inaudible words, my

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