Part Fourteen

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Four days.


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"Nico?!" Walt's usually calm tone was filled with disbelief. He'd been expecting some strange things to appear out of the shadows, but Nico wasn't one of them. He met his cold gaze. A breeze rustled the warm night and Walt shivered and shut his eyes. He could sense it. Anubis was begging to take over. If only-

A thump and a clatter caused Walt's eyes to snap open. Nico wasn't standing across from him anymore. He was slumped against the wall, gripping his head with both hands and silently exclaiming in pain. A black dagger lay at his feet.

His eyes fell immediately on Kai, who was standing three or four yards away, vaguely leaning on the balls of his feet, his hand falling back to his side from a well-aimed throw. He leered at Walt.

Walt's- or rather Anubis's, as he was surprised to discover- enhanced death sight allowed him to see the Kai's godly part better. He was a shadow king with an utterly black soul and a poisoned mind, with the essence of a death god dwelling within him. Walt momentarily wondered if it had anything to do with Nico's short-whiled disappearance, when his mind lapsed back to Nico at the present time, struggling against the wall before an advancing threat.

He ripped one of the charms off his amulet and thrust it at the ground. His hands shook as he whispered the Egyptian spell that released the figurine's creature. Out of haste, he hadn't had time to identify the creature's shape, but he was almost sure it was a creature rather than something useless such as a decoy explosion.

In the blink of an eye, Walt was standing over Nico, as Kai stood snarling at him a few feet away. Walt gripped Nico's shoulder to steady him, keeping a constant eye on the glowing charm.

The wax figurine sprang in to the full glistening white body of Philip of Macedonia, Amos Kane's albino pet crocodile. Walt couldn't help but exhale a small chuckle.


With best wishes and albino crocodiles,


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