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The night day I walk into the library and Q was sitting like usual with a different book. I sit down and look at the beautiful girl. Dark under eye circles around her eyes and pieces of her hair in her face.

"Hey" I quietly say, today I didn't have lunch because I had just eaten with my band mates, Luke, Calum, Michael and now Ashton.

"Hi Calum, missed me?" She laughs chewing gum. "Yeah." I confess biting my lip as I watch her twirl the gum around her nails.

"You're so beautiful." I kind of spit out on a accident. She was a bit shot back but laughed it off. "Thank you Calum, you're not so bad yourself." She says sending a wink.

I laugh blushing at her compliment. "So since you don't have a boyfriend, can I be that lucky guy?" I laugh a bit joking. She smiled and bit down on her lip.

"Prove that you really want me." She says as the bell rings.

I will prove that I want you Q.

A note flys down on the warm seat that she previously sat on.



okay so this might end a little shorter idk rn ugh ugh

- Ivy


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