Dating the Son of Zeus *15*

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Standing on the front steps of the school I waited for Sophia. It was a bright and sunny Friday morning and I was enjoying the unusually warm fall day. The colors of the trees in front of the school building had begun to lose their bright green and were instead turning into the warm colors of red, yellow, and orange. I leaned against the railing of the stairs and just inhaled the fresh air. Winter was clearly on its way and you could faintly smell the crispness of it in the air.

"It is a beautiful day," Penelope said as she sat perched on the railing next to me.

"Yes too bad we have to spend it cooped up in class," Leonidas grumbled.

"Don't be such a baby," Penelope said. "It's Friday. It's the weekend. If the weather stays this nice we can spend it outside."

"We'll be spending it outside anyway," I said.

"What makes you say that?" Perseus asked.

"The Bar-b-que for the orphanage is this weekend."

"I thought only you were invited to that?" Leonidas asked.

"Well Sophia did only ask me but she never said you guys couldn't come. It's to help raise money so the more people the better. And besides, I'm going to be busy so I won't be able to keep an eye on her the entire time. You guys know that with Hector around we have to keep a close watch on her." I still couldn't get over Hetor. He made me so mad all I could do was see red. I would never let him know he made me that angry though. Hector was the type of person that you never wanted him to figure out your weakness because once he did he would use against you. This is the same reason why I'm not so fond of him finding out about Sophia. I just know he will try something and when it comes to her I don't think I could exercise any self control.

"Yeah we know Hercules. We won't let anything happen to her," Leonidas said.

"We'll all be there to keep an eye on her," Penelope reassured me. "And besides, Hector doesn't even know Sophia yet, let alone about the bar-b-que."

I nodded my head, getting ready to agree when I noticed Sophia walking up the front of the school. She was wearing faded blue jeans with a slight rip under one of the knees. Why humans insisted on tearing their clothes I couldn't seem to figure out but Perseus assured me that it was 'fashionable'. Whatever that means. She wore a long sleeved dark gray sweater that hugged her in all the right places. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. Her eyes seemed to stand out even more and when she looked up to meet mine I could see a bright shine to them as she smiled. Standing up straight I met her halfway down the stairs, reaching out my hand for hers.

"Hey," she said still smiling at me.

"Good morning," I said, lacing my fingers through hers.

"Morning guys!" She said to the rest of my friends.

"Good morning Sophia," Perseus said coming to stand on her other side.

"Morning," Leonidas said taking my other side, and Penelope nodded her head giving Sophia a polite smile as she took Perseus' other side.We walked inside the school together and made our way through the crowded hallways. Instinctively we had flanked her, keeping her protected without her realizing it. I kept my hand locked around hers and didn't dare to let it go. It was like she was a precious package and I had to make sure she got where she needed to be. Walking through the cramped hallways would have been difficult for a regular person but maybe it was because we were gods and these people could sense that there was something different about us. Or maybe it was just because we held an air of confidence that no one could rival. Whatever the case was everyone moved for us. We glided down the halls without effort, soon making it to Sophia's first class. Before she turned to go inside she spun on her heel to face me. She had that classic sly smirk of hers in place and her midnight blue eyes took my breath away.

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