The worst day of my life

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Flashback :

It was sunday and as usual it was my day off and the day when I go in search of Mark.

It's been six months since I left home when Mark disappeared suddenly. I went to his best friend to know about him and he told me that Mark have come to New York so, here I am, searching for him every sunday, visiting restaurants and cafes and diners.
But, I still haven't found him.

I entered into a restaurant, last place where I have come to find him. I don't know if I didn't find Mark here what will I do. If he is not a waiter here then where will I go to find him, where?

I went straight to meet the manager,"Hello! I just want to know if any waiter by the name of Mark works here who have joined six months ago? Please, it's important!"
"Mark? I don't think so. Julie, is there any waiter by the name, Mark? "He asked a waitress passing by.
"No, sir."she shook her head.
"I'm sorry miss but there is no waiter named Mark here."he said.
"It's ok."I said and turned to go.

He is not here. I can't see clearly, everything is blurred. I tried to clear my eyes, I was crying.

What will I do now? Where will I find him?

I was thinking with tears rolling down my cheeks when I bumped into a woman.

"I'm really sorry."I said and bent down to grab the magazine that fell down. When I looked at the magazine I was shocked.
It has a picture of Mark with a girl. I read the headline, Beautiful rich girl going to get married to her driver.

I stood up with the magazine in hands and tears in eyes. This can't be true! He can never do this!

"You are also looking at that article? You must also be surprised how that rich girl is going to marry a driver! Lucky guy!"she said looking at me.
"When? When are they going to get married?"I asked her giving her magazine back.
"Let me is 24th, right? Then, it's today! They are going to get married today at that church. .."she said.

I have to go and meet him. I have to stop him. He can't marry her, he loves me! That woman told me where he is getting married so, I am going to stop him now. He must have lost my contact and he must have tried to meet me but since I came here, he couldn't find me and met her and is going to marry her. Otherwise, he loves me and only me! He told me that!

I reached there. Now, I have to meet him.

"Please, let me go in! I know Mark! Just tell him that Jane is here!"I begged the security guard.
"Miss, we asked him but he told us not to let you in. So, please leave."he said.
"I have to meet him! I won't leave until I meet him!"I said and folded my arms.

They must be lying. He will never say this if he knew I am here to meet him. If he knew I was here he would have come running into my arms, to me. I know that. He loves me so much!

"Miss Jane! Mark wants to meet you. Come with me."a guy came and said.

I knew it, he will definitely want to meet me. I followed him inside to a room.
He opened the door for me and I went in. He closed the door behind me.

Mark was standing there infront of me. I smiled and ran to his arms. I hugged him tightly but he jerked me off. I looked at him surprised. He is angry.

"What are you doing here? Why did you come here? It's my wedding! Don't spoil it and leave!"he hissed angrily.

He is angry at me. He thinks I am spoiling his wedding!

"Mark, I love you and you love me then how can you marry someone else?"I asked him with tears in my eyes.
"Love?"he said and started laughing.

"What love? I never loved you. Are you out of your mind? I only loved your money that's why I was with you and you left your money and wanted to live with me. You are really an idiot! You left your money and you think I will still live with you? I want to be rich. I don't want to be a waiter for my whole life! What kind of daughter are you, who can't even convince her parents to let you marry me and left your home. I never loved you, ok! And now let me get married. My would be wife is rich and also knows how to convince her parents and after today I will be rich! Now, leave!"he said.

I just kept looking at him shocked. He never loved me. I argued my parents for him. I left my family, my home for him. And he says he only loved my money not me.

"You!! You spoiled my life! I argued my parents for you!! I left my home for you! You have spoiled my life!"I shouted at him grabbing his collar.

"It was your fault not mine. You are an idiot!"he said and pushed me.

I fell to the ground scratching my hand. I looked at him. He was looking at me angrily.

"Security."he shouted and two men came in,"Throw her out and don't let her get in!"he ordered them.

They were about to lift me when I stood on my feet by myself and said,"Don't touch me! I will go from here by myself!"

I came out. I was walking aimlessly. Tears rolling down my eyes. He never loved me! He only loved my money! I should have listened to my parents! Dad tried to convince me that Mark only loves my money not me but I didn't listen to him. It's all my fault! Mark is right! It's all my fault!

I was at the bridge. I will end this life. The situation I am in is all my fault!

Present :

"Jane, what's the matter? Are you hurt anywhere? What's wrong?"Barry was holding me on my feet so that I don't fall.
I looked at him, he is concerned.
"Please, take me home."I said tears rolling down my eyes.

He lifted me up in his arms and took me out of the mall.

Now, Barry will definitely want to know what happened to her, but will she tell him? How will he react when he knows the truth? Will he leave Mark or.....????

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