Our Weddings (Preference)

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Jojen Reed:

Jojen and our wedding wasn't huge like the big royal weddings we had a small simple ceremony between us Jojen's sister acted as the priest. We used an old rag to tie our hands together and jojens jacket as the cloak but i must say it was the most romantic and perfect wedding ever.

Jojen and I recited our vows perfectly and the kiss was the best one of my life. I'll never forget the bedding afterwards either. Lets just say Jojen gave me one of the loves of my life.


When Jon and I got married it was simple with only our families but still utterly perfect. We had a small feast and our bedding was perfect I must say that was my favourite part he really does know something if you know what I mean ;).

Robb Stark:

Our wedding was held inside and was a bit event with basically the whole north, After all we are the King and Queen of the north. When we head everything was almost as fancy as a royal wedding which made things more perfect we recited our vows and giggled a little when we said one of the wrong words but...We just knew we were truly meant to be together after that.

Bran Stark:

Our wedding was a big important event and for once in my life I didn't fear being someones wife because I was Bran's wife. My favourite part was probably when we danced because it gave me the excuse to lie against his shoulder.

Tommen Baratheon:

Our wedding scared me before it actually happened because I was so intermidated by him before we were wed. I mean he was Joffrey Baratheons little brother who knew what he would do but..he was wonderful it turned into a large royal wedding and by the end I was the happiest girl in the world.

Joffrey Baratheon: Your wedding was an extremely grand affair. Everyone who was anyone was there. Joffrey and you recited your vows perfectly, looking as perfect as ever. The party was a wedding of a century and would be talked about for years to come. But after the party, let's just leave it that you had a tad bit of a rough night.

Khal Drogo: Simplicity a way to describe your wedding. It was as traditional as can be, everything was the way you expected. You were so nervous to marry the Khal, a big brutish man could do a lot to a little lady like you. Not that you would mind what happened after the ceremony. ;)

Jamie Lannister: Your and Jamie's wedding was a secrete, speaking that he was a knight and was forbidden to be wed. Even though it was same and secluded, you wouldn't want it any different. You and Jamie married for love and happiness, t'was a rare thing in that time period. But it just made it that much more special.

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