Chapter Two-Liana

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"Why do we have to do this?" Damian, my big brother asked. My big brother Damian and I were picking out weapons in the local weapons shop in Talahan. It was owned by Takeshi, a man who was about 32 years old with flaming red hair and big glasses. He was a close friend of my mother, who was the queen of Talahan, Alexandria. "Because Damian, your mother told you to do so. Don't you want a fine weapon so you can train hard and learn combat?" Takeshi asked, polishing swords at his desk. "Not in particular. It's a big waste of time if you ask me" Damian responded.

Damian had the typical "I don't give a crap" attitude. I don't know where he got that from, since mom and dad didn't act like that at all. Even though they didn't act alike, he looked exactly like mom. Damian had thick black hair, and his bangs covered his right eye, and their was always a small strand of hair in the way of his left. He had deep blue eyes like mom too, and pale skin. I looked exactly like my dad, Aaron. I had long blonde hair and blue eyes, and I was pretty short, just above five foot three, but Damian was tall, over six feet.

"It's not a waste, it's an honor" said a voice. Niamh, the head of the royal hospital, came from the back room where Takeshi made his weapons. Takeshi and Niamh had recently been engaged, even though she was younger than him, twenty six years old. Damian was eighteen, I was seventeen. "Niamh is right. It's an honor to learn how to fight. Every great ruler must learn combat" Takeshi said. Damian groaned. "What a waste of time" he mumbled. I looked around at the many weapons that were placed on shelves on the walls. One of them caught my eye.

It was a beautiful black, shiny crossbow. It was beautiful, and seemed to have a glow in the sunlight through the window. I picked it up and held it, not knowing what to do with it. I had never handled a weapon in my life. "Ah, a good choice. You know, I made your mother a crossbow exactly like that when she fought in the Demon War" Takeshi said. I examined the crossbow again. "It's beautiful" I quietly said. "Weapons can't be beautiful, Liana" Damian said, rolling his eyes. "No, look. It seems to flow in the sunlight" I said, holding the bow towards the window. The sun beams radiated off of the bow.

"See?" I asked. Damian stared at the bow. "Yes....I do" he said. I smiled. "Looks like I've finally won an argument against you, Damian" I said. "No, your wrong. I only told you that I see the sun beams. I never agreed that it was beautiful" Damian said. I lowered the crossbow. It was heavy. "I like this" Damian said, picking up a silver sword with a black hilt. "A wise choice. Alright, take those home and show your parents. They are now your weapons of choice" said Takeshi.

"You won't charge us any money?" I asked. Takeshi laughed. "Of course not! You are royalty!" He said. I smiled, but Damian had no remark. "Thank you Takeshi! Have a great day! Bye Niamh!" I said, waiving as Damian and I walked out the door. "Bye!" Takeshi and Niamh said. Damian and I walked through town and back to the castle. I was excited to show my mother my weapon of choice. I had also gotten beautiful black arrows that matched my bow.

As we walked inside the front doors of the castle, my mother was waiting for us. I was surprised that she wasn't in a meeting. Mother was the most beautiful queen that Talahan had ever had. She was tall and had a beautiful hourglass figure, and she always wore black leather pants with boots and a tunic, which was unusual for a queen. She had long black hair that fell below her shoulders, but she had a long, white streak in her hair due to stress of being queen. "Mother, we've chosen our weapons!" I said. Mom smiled. "Alright, let me see" she said.

I showed her my crossbow. "My main weapon is a bow and arrow, but I have a crossbow just like this. It's beautiful" mom said. "Yeah, Takeshi and Niamh told me" I said. Mom smiled. Damian unsheathed his sword and showed her. "That's beautiful too" said a voice. I saw dad walking towards us. "Hi dad!" I said. Dad smiled and said, "hello Liana. I'm glad you both finally chose your weapons". "It was a waste of time if you ask me" Damian mumbled. "Damian, it's not a waste. You need to learn combat" mother said. Damian rolled his eyes.

"The weapon choosing is great, but I have some news. Your aunt, uncle and cousins are moving in with us for a while" dad said. "You mean aunt Ryia and uncle Simon?" I asked. Dad nodded. "Is...aunt Ryia ok?" I asked. Mom looked at the ground with sadness. "She's not waking up. We need Niamh to take a good look at her" mom said. I smiled and responded, "don't worry mom! If it's Niamh that's going to look at her, she'll be better in a flash!" Mom smiled gratefully. She was truly worried for her twin sister. "We have t seen them for a long time" I said.

"Yes, and I'm sure you remember Merline" dad said. I nodded, and Damian gave dad his attention, showing that he remembered. "You remember that...well....she's not exactly right in the head. So Damian, if something happens, we are trusting you to keep Merline safe and stable" dad said. Damian nodded. He was suddenly serious. That was just like Damian. He didn't care about a lot of things, but he would risk his life to protect his family, especially if it was me and Merline. He was protective of Merline because of the way that she was, and because she was the youngest of us. He was protective of me because I was his little sister.

"They should be here later today, we've just received word" Aaron said. "Today? That's so soon!" Mother said. "That's a good thing! I miss them a lot!" I said. "Yeah, I've got to admit that I'm happy that their coming" Damian said. Dad and mom smiled. "Alright, let's prepare for their arrival" dad said. Damian and I nodded. Then together, we got the castle ready for their arrival and anxiously waited for them to come. After what seemed like a million years, they finally arrived.

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