Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Rosella's P.O.V

Just as I was about to say thank you, we hear a loud crash coming from downstairs and a scream that followed.

The prince and I both share a look of shock and fear as we quickly make our downstairs.

When we make our way down we see Charlotte on the floor with Ares, a footman, on top of her, he looks quite apologetic but she keeps screaming and thrashing around.

"Charlotte are you alright?" Gabriel helps her up as she clings tightly to his arm, looking away in fear.

"Gabriel, he tried to touch me, he was going to do horrible things to me, if it wasn't for you." She says squeakily.

I don't believe it Ares is the most loyal and humble man he would never lay a finger on a woman without her consent.

"Ares I'll have a word with you later." He sternly says, glaring at Ares once more before leaving.

As they walk away and up the stairs, Charlotte is hugging Gabriel closely as she looks behind her and smirks at us, before turning away.

My mouth is wide open, as I'm left in utter shock of what Lady Charlotte just did. I turn to Ares and say, "How dare she! That cruel woman was lying about what had happened?"

"Yes, I kept telling her to stop but she wouldn't listen. After our majesty sent her down to leave, I was going to escort her to Oliver to drive her home, but she kept insisting that she stay for a while, so I went back to work and I heard her speaking on the phone to someone about the ball taking place tomorrow and how the prince won't even see it coming and stuff like that. I felt confused and was going to tell our majesty but  I accidentally knocked the vase and she screamed as we fell down with me on top of her."

I clenched my jaw, how dare that woman lie about such a thing.

"Don't worry Ares, I'll speak with our majesty tomorrow. Surely he'll believe us."

"Hopefully, because if not then I'll be banished from the palace." He says sadly.


Gabriel's P.O.V

Charlotte kept sobbing and crying as she explained what had happened to her.

"Oh Gabriel if it wasn't for you, god knows what that man could have done."

"Don't worry Charlotte I'll banish him from the palace he won't ever step foot near you again, I promise." I try to comfort her, although I can't believe Ares would do such a thing, it's so unlike him.

"Gabriel may I sleep here with you? I'm to frightened to leave." She says, shaking.

"Alright, I'll sleep in one of the guest bedrooms." I get up and as I start walking away, she grabs my hand.

"Please stay with me? I have something very important to tell you." She sounded so hopeless and I couldn't say no.


Next Morning....

Rosella's P.O.V

I opened the windows of my room, do my bed and got changed. Thankfully our majesty allows us to wear whatever we'd like. Except for the butlers the maids choice of clothing is completely optional.

I quickly brush my hair, leaving and making my way towards the prince's  bedroom. As I stand in front of his chambers, I take a big, deep breath before knocking.

I hear the prince's voice as he calls me in. I enter the room and see Charlotte sleeping peacefully in his bed. The prince looks at me and then at Charlotte and says,"I'll meet you in my office, Rosella."

I nod and look away with tears in my eyes and close the door behind me.

I make my way towards his office and wait quietly for his arrival, whilst I wipe my tears away.

I here him enter and I stand straighter as he comes next to me.

"Rosella I want you to know that what you just saw was nothing she asked me to stay with her-"

"Your majesty, this is none of my concern as I've told you many times before you and Lady Charlotte are going to get married, it doesn't concern me what happens between the two of you, so please stop explaining." I try and sound as polite as I could even though I'm quiet upset and my voice is shaky.

He looks down and then towards the wall. "Your right, Rosella. What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"I don't know how to explain, last night your majesty, I truly believe that Ares is innocent you know him as well as I do, he would never do such a thing. He also said that he heard Lady Charlotte on the phone speaking to someone about the ball tonight and that she's plotting something against you."

He raises an eyebrow before laughing, I frown and ask "What's so funny, your majesty? She could possibly be plotting something against you and your here laughing as if I'm joking."

"Rosella I suggest you stop believing in such lies, Lady Charlotte is miserable from last night's events and she would never do such a cruel thing against anyone."

"But your majesty-"

"Enough Rosella! If you do not wish to be banished from the palace with Ares I suggest you leave and apologize for you rude behavior. Lady Charlotte is not only my future wife but she is also pregnant with my child."


Okay I know most of you are going to freak out about the news so please tell me what you think about Gabriel's situation.
Also I'm thinking of changing Rosella instead of Valencia Rogers the girl above, Clara Alonso.

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