Pool Party

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As we arrived at first period it was to no surprise that Amanda the amazing fake bimbo was handing out invitations. I swore this girl had a party when ever she wanted, did this girl not have parents or something? 

"Every one will you please take your seat" Mr.Williams yelled.

I sat down and looked up to the board. That's what I loved about  Mr. Williams, he wrote every thing he was going to teach on the board. Probably so he didn't forget it but it was nice that he did it that way so if you didn't pay attention in class you were always able to catch up in what ever you had missed.

I leaned back in my seat trying to get comfy. I looked over to Mattie and Jess who were both holding two of the invitations. I looked over to them questioning them on what was inside of them, just then Sam one of Amanda's friends slid an envelope onto my desk too. I looked over to her, all she did was smile her fake well bleached teeth at me. 

I looked down to the envelope pulled it open and read what it said.

You have been officially invited to Amanda's pool bash it is only for the girls from junior to senior year. Bring your suit and a towel. The party starts a 5.

Some how I knew this wasn't possible, the boys were bound to crash this party. A huge group of girls in their bathing suits. Yeah that's a no brainer. I didn't know what she was cooking up but I knew her, and I knew that if it was coming out of her brain it was no good, there was no doubt in my mind that the bleach shed been using since seventh grade had gotten down to her brain and rotted it.

Before I knew it School was out for the day and I headed home to go get ready. I drug myself up the stairs not necessarily excited to be heading to the party but when i had said something about it Jess and Mattie had told me they were going. I knew I couldn't miss it, if something happened people would be talking about it for weeks and then I would have no idea on what was going on. 

At 6 I pulled up into Amanda's drive way I knew even showing up an hour late the party would still be in full swing. I walked through the door and right into her back yard where the pool was. I knew the entire house from top to bottom from when we were younger and we all used to be friends.  I walked over to where Mattie was laying down with her back up against a tree, she was so zoned into her phone she didn't even realize I had showed up. Just as I got to her, Amanda stood up and yelled. Hey girls! I have an announcement!

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