Chapter 2

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Kaitlin's POV;

    I walk back into the bathroom where my straightener is now completely heated up. I set my orange juice down on the counter, and started to work on my hair. Strand by strand, I was making each one straight as a board. 

    In the middle of one strand, I got a text, and I burnt my neck.

    "Fuck!" I yelled. I checked my phone to see why it went off. 

Rissa Face (Marissa); I'm here waiting for you, are you ready or do I need to wait longer?

Me; Come on in, I still have to do my makeup.

   Not five seconds later, I heard my front door open, and footsteps toward my room. She entered my bathroom completely ready and everything. 

"What time is it anyways..?" I asked her.

"Uhm.... its 5:30" she said slowly.

"You said you were coming to get me at 6:00" I said laughing.

"Oopsie." She breathed.

    I looked in the mirror, and compared our faces. She was so much prettier than me. When we go see Destery and Nathan, I bet you a billion dollars that Destery's not even going to notice me, just because of her.

"...What's wrong?" She asked concerned.

"..Oh.. n-nothing. But.. how should I do my makeup? Simple?" I asked

"Do it like you always do." She stated.

"Alright!" I said I continued to do my hair, but Marissa kept on distracting me. She'd make a joke, and we'd only laugh for about 5 minutes. (sarcasm) I just wanted to get my hair done.

Destery's POV;

    I rushed to get my hair done, and to pick something nice to wear. Damn I have NO clean clothes. I really should have planned everything out better. I was about to rage, but I noticed my CLEAN suit in the corner, hanging nicley. 

    It's nice, and it's clean. WORKS FOR ME. I grabbed it and threw it on. Now I just do my hair! That shouldn't take long.. (sarcasm)

    ~Skip le hair doing~ (watch destery's hair tutorial video)

    My hair's finally done! And we still have time to ourselfs. It was now 8:30. Nathan had finished doing his hair a little while ago. I walked into the living room and sat down next to Nathan, who was playing Skyward Sword. 

    "You ready to go get something to eat or something?" I asked him, watching his fingers on the controllers.

     "...   Y-yeah. just give me a sec..." he said slowly. Me being myself, I was getting impatient. 

    "Dude, I'm hungry. Hurry up and save at that bird statue, lets go somewhere." I said impatiently.

    "Fine, damn." he said throwing the controllers. 

    "What crawled up your ass and died?!" I asked bitterly.

    The fire in his eyes died down.. they were as cold as ice now.. I could tell he was sad.

    "..Nathan you know you can tell me anything.. right? You're my best friend.. my brother.." I told him. I hated seeing him like this. I always have. Nathan is always upbeat and happy. It breaks my heart to see him down in the dumps. 

    "It's just that... she broke up with me this morning.. right before you woke up." he said sadly.

    I never did like that bitch. She was nice and everything, but I always knew it was a show. I stood up and bluntly said;

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