Jamie All Over

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Well, today's my birthday. Dad woke me up and said we had a long day ahead of us. "Dad, what are we gonna do today" "SUPRISE, everything!!!" He said, I laughed at his childishness. We got in the car and drove someplace. "I know Tekken and fighting games are your passion, along with music. Your present is inside." I rolled in as fast as possible. I couldn't believe my eyes. Katsuhiro Harada was right in front of me. Holy shit. "You must be Andy." He said with his thick accent and a smile. "It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Harada San." "That's no way to treat a friend." He said almost laughing.
I'm friends with the Tekken God... How am I still alive? Harada laughed. "Tekken time?" "Isn't it always?" He smirked. He picked Jin while I picked Raven. I beat him.
"Andrew!!! Time to go for another suprise!" Dad yelled "I wanna stay here with the Tekken God." I whined. "I'll give you my number, we can talk anytime" Harada said. I almost died.
Once dad finally got me out we went to see our second suprise. "Kid, u ready!" "Yup."
Once I got in the studio all my famous friends were there. "U gonna sing for us or what love?" Jenna said appearing behind me with a guitar. "Don't mind if I do, my lady" I winked, she blushed.
(I played Demons by mayday parade with the guys)
"Encore! Encore!" They chanted.
"If you insist... This next song goes out to someone special" I said
(I played even robots need blankets on Derek's piano)
Everyone was smiling with tears especially Jen.
"And I'll leave all of you, with this."
(Eye of the tiger plays, and they all sing along, while head banging)
"Your third suprise will take a while, you might want to be fancy" dad said. A party?!?!
"Ok, dad"
"We'll take you at seven"
"Sweet!" I say excitement coursing through me.
"Get dressed" Cabbage smiled.
*time skip to 7*
So, I'm ready... Now it's time for whatever they have in store. Let's rock this, I think party. Hell yeah boys.
We get there and it's scattered with beach balls. I love beach balls.
"There's the king!"
I took an involuntary bow.
"As my first wish, boys can u sing for me?"
Dad got a smile. "Sure, kid!"
They played my favorite song you be the anchor.
"We have a suprise for u, bro" Willy said.
Just then, every singer or band I liked was on the stage, with Jenna and Willy.
"What the hell is this?" I say amused
"Sit back and enjoy the show babe." Jen said sweetly.
Just then someone gave harada a tequila and a glockenspiel... Needless to say it was hilarious.
They played a mash up of songs, jersey, goodbye agony, even robots need blankets, eye of the tiger and stuff.
Then Jen ran to me and kissed me.
Best. Night. Ever.

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