Shawn Mendes (Part Two)

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It's been around two and a half weeks since we went to pick up the boys from the airport. Let me tell you I have learned a lot in these two weeks. For starters,

Tayttum WASN'T taking a picture when Shawn and I were singing in the car. Matter of fact, she recorded the whole thing, and posted it to Facebook and Instagram. Her captioning was "Aw, these two are so cute singing together!! #OTP" Which resulting in a lot of angry, confused fans.

Thanks Tayttum.

I also learned that Shawn really likes taking walks at 2 AM. Seeing as I'm a night owl as well and I never get any sleep anyways, for the past 17 nights we have went on walks. Learning more and more about each other each night.

No one else knew about the walks we were taking. If I had told Tayttum she'd freak out.

Not in the literal sense. She would just get really hyped and say stupid stuff when Shawn and I would get close together.

Back to the point here.

Tayttum's family had went on a trip and see decided to stay here with Hayes parents. Her mom didn't mind. My parents didn't care that I stayed over at Hayes' for the past two and a half weeks anyways. They were good friends of Hayes parents, so it all worked out fine.

Currently all of us are pilled into Hayes room listening to music. Tayttum and Hayes were on Hayes' bed, Cameron was in the chair. This left Shawn and I on the floor of course. I was leaned up against the foot of the bed with a pillow and Shawn was against the side. I have a feeling this was going to be one exciting day. Notice the sarcasm?

Hayes: Does anyone want to play Left4Dead?

Me: Hell yes I do!!!

Tayttum: Of course Rhi does!!!

Me: Damn right I do!!

Hayes hands me a controller and begins the game. I shoot down the zombies without hesitation and end up lasting way longer than Hayes. He died within the first few minutes.

Hayes: Dang, you're good.

Shawn: I want to play!

Hayes hands him the controller and we begin the game once again. Only this time I died before Shawn. One of those fat fuck zombies came running at me and I missed the shot.

Me: Dammit!


Me: Shut up Tayttum.

Shawn: Someone is getting butt hurtttt

Cameron: You better watch out Shawnie boy.

Hayes: Oh my gosh Cameron....

Shawn scooted closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders, giving me a light squeeze.

Shawn: Relax its only a game Rhi!!

Me: Whatever

Shawn: Are you pouting?

Me: Maybe!

Shawn: Well that's just adorable.


Shawn: Oh no. I said that out loud.

Hayes: You sure did!

Shawn blushes as I look up at him and smile at the fact that he said if out loud by accident. I thought it was really cute. He's really cute when he's embarrassed. Well his cute all of the time.

My thoughts were rudley interrupted when Tayttum squealed.

Me: Jesus Tayttum.

Tayttum: We should totally have a Walking Dead marathon!!

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