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It was the last day until Christmas break and I was pretty depressed at the fact that I won't see Q until two weeks. But I started a band with two kids at my school Michael and Luke.

I walk into the library this time warm air feeling around my body. I look and see the beautiful girl I've hung out with for two weeks. "Hey Q." I say sitting down and smiling at her. She nods towards me a smile really not showing.

Q seemed pretty depressed from what I know, and all these notes I've been waiting to read but I never have time, and when I do I forget so now they are all piled up in my room. "How are you?" I ask . She looks up shortly before looking back down.

"Could be better." She said smacking the gum that had been in her room mouth. "Oh, why is that?" I ask. She laughs lightly before shaking her head. "Nothing for you to worry, Calum." She says patting my shoulder.

Even though it was a pat, her touch made me melt inside. The feelings I've gained for this girl in only a little bit of time is amazing. "You know?" I say pausing. She looked up and nodded for me to continue "you have beautiful eyes, you are beautiful." Just a as I say that the bell rings.

She does as normal and a note flys down.


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