Chapter fifteen: not the only one

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It had gone six days already. Six horrible days. Every day, every time Taehyung looked Jimin in the eyes, or even just saw him in the corner of his eyes, he felt bad. He felt like he had betrayed his best friend, like he had let him down. He couldn't stand the feeling of looking at his best friend anymore with that feeling. He couldn't keep this secret away from him. He didn't deserve that treatment, and Taehyung decided to talk to Hoseok and convince him into telling him.

"Hoseok, I need to talk to you," Taehyung started off seriously as they were in the kitchen when Taehyung knew Jimin was out with Seokjin and Namjoon.

"Sure, what's up?" he asked, not even glancing up at Taehyung when making some food for them.

Taehyung sighed as he stared at him. "We have to tell Jimin," he said, and only then Hoseok looked up at him.

"No," he answered blankly.

Taehyung's eyes widen in surprise. Why did he deny? "Yes, hyung!" Taehyung said whilst raising his voice, which caught Hoseok's attention. "We have to tell him! Don't you feel guilt every time you look at him? Don't you feel like you're hiding something big from him, even though it's not? It's just how you'd feel because there's supposed to be no secret's between us!" Taehyung yelled, not caring if Hoseok was glaring at him. "I can't stand not telling him hyung. I can't just pretend like everything is okay and that we don't keep anything from the other."

Hoseok smacked his hands on the kitchen counter. "Why exactly do you want to tell him this? Don't you think it'll only create unnecessary drama? I mean, that kiss won't happen again, and we definitely didn't mean anything about it. It's not like it means anything, so why bring it up?" he said like it made no sense.

Taehyung sighed again. "That's exactly why! We should tell him that it didn't mean anything, and that it doesn't mean anything to any of us, and it definitely won't happen again," Taehyung insisted.

Hoseok sighed as he turned to Taehyung and stared down at him. "Taehyung, does that even makes sense? Why? If it doesn't mean anything, why tell?" he asked, staring hard at him.

"We have to tell Jimin," Taehyung begged, almost starting to cry.

"Tell me what?" asked a sudden familiar voice that startled the two of them. They both turned around and spotted Jimin raising an eyebrow at them with plastic bags in his hands from shopping. As the two males remained mute, Jimin rolled his eyes and placed his grocery belongings in the fridge and cupboards, and finally when he was done he stared at them whilst having his arms crossed over his chest. "Well?" he asked impatiently.

The two boys hesitated and exchanged looks before sighing in defeat. "Here, let's sit down," Hoseok suggested as he lead all of them to the kitchen table and sat down together. "The thing is," he began, not knowing how to continue, "six days ago when you talked with Jungkook, and Taehyung and I was here watching his favourite cooking show..." He nervously glanced around, trying to avoid looking into Jimin's eyes, and he surprisingly looked relaxed. It made Taehyung feel even worse. Did he trust us that much that he wasn't suspecting a thing? "We ended up talking about our past, and suddenly, it just happened, you know. It didn't mean anything, and it definitely won't happen ag-"

"We kissed," Taehyung blurted out, catching both Jimin and Hoseok off guard. Suddenly Jimin's relaxed face turned into angry expressions. He glared hard at the two of them.

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