Chapter 1

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I shoved the girl against the wall roughly, feeling her let out a grunt as I pressed my mouth against hers- tasting the bitter flavor of alcohol coat my lips as I ran my hands up her back, watching her shiver as my cold touch made her buckle. A moan escaped her lips I pulled away, drawing in a sharp breath as my lungs began to burn.

"Keep going," She mumbled into my mouth. I hadn't even gotten her name. I didn't mind though, she was attractive and I was more than a little drunk. I took that as enough consent for me to start to stumble around with her belt. It took a few seconds before I let out an exasperated grumble and dropped my hand to my side.

"I'm very drunk," I slurred

"You're very drunk," the girl repeated in a mocking manor, "but so am I. So how about we take this somewhere a little more private than a bar bathroom."

I nodded, clenching my jaw as I slid my jacket back over my shoulders as the girl ran a hand through her cropped blonde hair. I noticed how her turquoise eyes were lighting up under the pale glow of the moon as she pulled out her phone to call up a cab.

Despite my foggy mind, I knew that I wanted her. My sex drive was through the roof, and by the way she was grasping at my shirt a moment ago, I could figure that hers was too. I would have to ask for her name at some point, but right now- I just wanted to get her out of her clothes and into my bed.

A sharp pain tore through my skull as I let out a thick groan, draping my forearm over my eyes to block out the bright rays of sun that moved through the blinds. My other arm was numb; I became acutely aware of the presence of someone else to my side, resting their head on my chest as I continued to clench my eyes shut the ache still moving through my jaw.

I didn't make much movement, afraid to wake the girl that was hugged into my side. I blinked away the sunlight, glancing at her out of one open eye. She was extremely attractive even with an obvious hangover.

Her jaw was stone cut, her blonde hair falling into her closed eyes. She had a small freckle on the tip of her nose. A small crease was formed in her forehead between her eyebrows as if she was constantly frustrated about something.

"Holy fuck," The girl mumbled, pressing her other hand to her head. She froze quickly, glancing up at me for a moment before pulling away and pulling my comforter up to her chin. She knit her eyebrows together, obviously remembering as much as I did.

"Relax," I moved my hand behind my head, looking over at her "I'm pretty sure we saw a lot more of each other than intended last night."

"Right," she whispered, squinting as the sun moved to her eyes, "what time is it?"

This was something I was genuinely interested in too. I shrugged and reached over to my phone on the nightstand. It read 6:55, I relayed it to the girl, watching panic run through her expression. She grasped her shirt from the ground next to the bed, pulling it over her head quickly as she rushed to find her pants.

"Just take mine," I told her quickly, tossing them to her. She didn't really have much room to protest, although they were long on her, they fit her waist well enough. She slid her boots on before zipping up the pants and grasping her phone.

She glanced at me for a moment, I still sat calmly in the bed, although I knew I had to get to work in about an hour. "I would say I had a great time," She started putting her hand on my doorknob "but I don't remember it,"

I smiled slightly, she was kind of adorable, but that didn't seem to matter. Neither of us had offered up our numbers and she obviously didn't have time to wait. I lifted my chin at her before she stormed out of my house looking disheveled.

I groaned and got to my feet, shuffling to the bathroom as I flicked on the water, letting it get hot enough for me to warm up a little. I grasped a towel from the closet and eased into the hot water, letting it pound against my skin as the dirt began to work its way from my hair line and under my nails. I watched the drain for a moment as the dirt collected at the bottom of the tub.

That girl was something else. I couldn't really remember much of last night past getting into the cab, but I had no problem waking up next to her. She was warm and her embrace wasn't forced or invading. I didn't like getting close to people physically like that. I still didn't know her name. That would make it virtually impossible to find her again. I frowned, realizing I gave her my favorite sweat pants without even giving it a second thought.

The cold air sent chills up my spine as I shut the water off and stepped onto the tiled floor, bringing the cloth towel across my skin to mop up the water droplets that formed across my arms.

Realizing I spent more time in the shower than intended, I started to rush around, quickly sliding on a bra and underwear. I moved my legs into the drab navy pants before fastening the belt around my midsection before moving the light blue cotton button up over my arms.

I struggled with the buttons as I halfheartedly tucked my shirt in. I hated wearing long sleeves in this warm weather- but it was mandatory. Sure there were options when it came to the uniform. As long as it was some shade of blue and dawned the red EMT patch, I could wear it.

A series of beeps raised my attention from combing out my hair. I placed the brush down before grasping my phone, wallet and pager. I had a job to do, and I intended to do it with full focus, even if that nameless girl kept popping into my head.

[A/N: Okay guys, It's kind of a slow start, but I hope you like it! It's very much like Grey's anatomy right now, but it'll be different, trust me. I'll proably post another chapter tonight, because I may have fallen asleep today instead of staying up, and I may be wide awake right now.]

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