Part 19 😇

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You and the guys were practicing for Mikey's new Christmas Song. "Rumm bm bum bum! Pa rum pum pum pum. Me and my Drum! Bah rum bum bummmm ." He thought he could do so much better than last time so he decided a Girl (You) singing, A beatboxer-Raph, Guitarist -Mikey, Male singer- Leo, Bass player -Donnie, and a Drummer - . April helped with the singing. Christmas was in three days and they were getting ready :D Leo was the one who would walk up to the front which is where you were and he would sing when it was his time. which was most of the time. Which really pissed Raph off But for the sake of not hearing Mikey being mikey...yea no. After Leo left your side to go back to backup you sang your solo part and then the song ended with Raph ending. And Mikey had a schedule and everything so It was about the time the whole rehearsal thing was over until tomorrow. You sat down and leaned yourself against the wall. Leo sat down next to you as you cleared your throat from singing 6 verses. "Nice job up there." Leo complimented. "Thankies :)" you smiled. "Hey Y/N! Want some cocoa or something?" Raph asked trying to get Leo away from you. "Will there be lots of Mellers?" He chuckled "Yea there will be Mellers" "Heck yea i want some. Sorry leo, but i like me some cocoa." Raph gestured you to follow beside him as he Gave his brother Leo a look that said "Ha! I got her out of your arms and into mine very soon" You sat at the Island as Raph put a kettle of hot water on and sat across from you trying to think of something to say. For some reason it felt kinda awkward. You yourself were trying to think of something to say as well. so in a way you two kinda just enjoyed each others company in a awkward way. You scratched your temple as he knocked his one knuckle on the table; he was tapping JingleBells. Then you started getting into the Rhythm of his knuckles and started singing while you slapped your thighs into Rhythm "Jingle all the way. Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh, o'er the hills, laughing all the way." and soon enough Raph started singing instead of his usual beatboxing or hype man. Your Pov. While you were singing; raph joined in. "Gosh his voice sounds really seductive.. WAIT! Did i say his voice is Seductive?! Here i am singing and then i think his voice is Seductive? Ok. um i need to concentrate; i really dont want him to ask me what i'm thinking about. It'd be very embaressing if he knew what i was thinking right now. OK Y/N! CONCENTRATE! DO IT!" Raph's Pov. 'It seemed like Y/N Really had something on her mind. Is it because she would rather be with Leo? wait, she could have said no, but yet she is polite so its hard to tell sometimes. I wonder between the two of us; Who she likes best. Wait. I think i'm loosing the words of the song. I need to concentrate. I dont want her to wonder what i'm thinking about. She'd think...idk what she'd think but i'm afraid to know. OK. CONCENTERATE! Lets not get her thinking anything.' No ones pov. Donnie came into the kitchen and as soon as that happened the kettle started letting off some steam and started whistling a bit. Donnie joined in on our singing while he was getting a Dr. Pepper. And Then of course Mikey joined in and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You giggled a bit while u sang but that faded away fast. Leo heard all the singing and decided to come on in and he clanked his Swords together to add some more music and soon enough he was singing too. He sounded pretty good himself. Although he wasnt trying his best but he didnt need too. And when you all finished your heard clapping. Splinter and april were clapping at the performance just done out of fun. You blushed and tucked your hair behind your ear. "Hey Dollface wanna go hang with me for awhile." Mikey asked with a wink. "Sure" You giggled. "Kewl." He said as he picked you up bridal style and carried you out to his room. They all heard a door close; Raph and Leo looked at each other. Mikey looked at you as he put you down on his bed. "Hey uh can i tell you about something without you telling anyone else?" "Um yea sure. You ok? Is something wrong?" "No no nothing is wrong its just i have a supply of something that i've never tried and i-i didnt wanna do it alone...Its ok if your not comfortable with it. Its my first time and all." You clear your throat.."W-what do you mean?" "Here uh let me show you." Mikey reached under his bed on his left and pulled out a bag of what looked like weeds. "Ar-are those Weeds?" "Well it is a type of..Weeds.." Your face concentrated but then got what he was saying "What like..A WEED, WEED?" "..yea.." "Um yea i don'" "I know this is allot to take in." Mikey Chuckled at his own joke by accident. "Would you mind if you did some with me. It wont hurt you. I've heard it heals people; like people would get Prescriptions for it and stuff." "Um..yea i guess so. I guess i dont see whats wrong with it." *After getting high* You walk out of MIkey's room with Smoke following you out of it you walk into the bathroom and take a shower. You got in the shower, started sudds-ing up your hair and then you washed it out, you put some soap on your hands and started rubbing your Wet, soapy hands together and started rubbing your hands on your waist up and down. Over your prominent breasts and you started rubbing your nibbles slowly and softly then your started rubbing your neck seductively the way a man would. A knock was heard at the bathroom door and then you heard it open along with a voice "Hey mind if i use the bathroom real quick. To whomever is in here?" " can go ahead." you said in a low voice. The person who asked was Leo. When he got up to the mirror after his bathroom uses. You poked your arm out to direct him to get something "Hey Leo. can you get me my new shampoo, i ran out." "Um yea sure." he looked to where you were pointing at the counter he picked up an Ocean Scented shampoo, turned around and placed it in your hand. You placed it on the floor of the tub and then you put your hand out and asked "Can i have My New conditioner?" He picked it up, turned around and smashed into your lips. The shower curtain was open showing your naked, soapy, wet body just dripping. His big blue eyes widened and his hands lifted in the air not knowing what to do, his hands stuttering then landing on your shoulders. You intense the kiss some more, the Weed must've made you horny. You wrapped your arm around his neck as he closed his eyes happily and took his hands away from shoulders and down to your back to your waist and em-braised you with his one arm while his other arm pushed your hair back out of your face and went down to cup your face. He walked into the shower with you. Right now all he was wearing is his Baggy Bike Pants and his Bandana. No shoes, No socks, no wrist bandages, No armor, and no shirt. He backed you up against the wall with his one arm on the tiled wall and one on your jaw with his thumb messaging your cheek with his thumb. You then put your hands on the sides of his waist where he didnt have shell but skin instead. And he started to go down to your Breasts and play and message with them. Then you felt a your lips feel something..Odd. THEN YOU OPENED YOUR EYES! (Sorry it was a dream) and Leo was kissing you so what you was actually CPR due to him being freaked out that you were dead or something. You groaned as your rubbed your head, you must have hit it. You looked down as you saw you had your clothes still on, and they were all wet and your black bra was showing through. "Oh..Oh my god What happened?" You asked seriously concerned about what happened last to yourself. "Well. I uh went to go to the bathroom an hour ago and i heard the shower running to i just waited but i came back 3 minutes ago and i was wondering you know whats going on in there so I opened the door and saw you laying on the ground with the shower curtain along with the pole on top of you and i sat your back up the wall and started doing CPR. But uhhhh you doing ok?? You seemed really knocked out. DO you remember anything." You thought about it and you remember you and Mikey doing some weed but thats about it. After Mikey clinging you to over and over and over during the process of Weed you dont remember much of anything. But you couldn't tell Leo that Mikey did that kind of stuff. Leo already has enough to worry about. "No. I dont remember much of anything. i'm sorry." You touch you head and you saw you were bleeding. "I think i need to see Donnie." you say as you wobble up to your feet. And stumble but get your balance back. Leo was standing behind you keeping you in check, and was watching you to make sure you dont hit your head again. Once you open the door you saw Raph standing next to the bathroom waiting for his turn to use it. "Hey Y/N you ok?" "Huh? Oh yea Hon, i'm ok. I just hit my head." you say with the gesture of the palm of your hand hitting your forehead and bouncing off, sorta like a facepalm kind of thing. "Oh. You sure your ok though?" "Raph, sweetie don't worry about me. I'm ok. Really." "S-sweetie?" He asked. You looked at Leo then to Raph. "I mean i can call you something else if it bothers you, bro." He looked confused. He looked at Leo allot more than you. "Raph, are you ok? You seem..tense. Oh come here I wanna whisper something into your ear." He bent down and you whispered "Maybe there's a token of Gradituted i can do to get Rid of that Stress. Say tonight?" He bent away from you. "Y-Y/N??" He asked surprised! "Hey if you really dont want it tonight than its ok. I still love you." you say casually. "But i think i really need to see Donnie." You then hear something from afar above. "LOOK OUT!!!" A hard ball fell on your head and knock you out cold. (Sorry for the many knock outs) "Did-Did SHe JUST THEN remember who i was!?" Raph asked upset cause now you may not know who he is now.

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